Hodor? Game of Thrones S4e4

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Hodor. Yep that’s about as much as I could articulate immediately after the end of Sunday’s episode. Then as I thought more about it my next thoughts were “Effing Craster!!!”, jumbled with questions about White Walkers, boys vs. girls, and again “Effing Craster!!!”, but since all those thoughts are from the last scene of the episode, my notes on them will be in the last portion of the blog.

4So let’s look at King’s Landing first and move out from there, because that’s kind of how my level of interest went with this episode. I really don’t care that Margaery is getting her claws into Tommen early, and out of all the Lannisters, Jaime is the one I actually (yeah still) pity the most. Season-4-Episode-4-Oathkeeper-game-of-thrones-37006317-300-200He’s caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Tyrion and Cersei. Even if he’d never been sleeping with his sister, it would still be a tough place to be. Tyrion may be stuck in a cell, but at least there his worrying pretty much ends. Jaime has to pick a side, and either way one of his siblings is going to hate his choice.

At least Jaime, despite what happened last week, is still on his way to being an incredibly honorable man, considering his gifts to Brienne, and his hope that she’ll find Sansa before anyone else does.

GeeklyPress_GOT_S4e4_Sansa_PetyrFor Sansa though, it’s just beginning and despite that Jaime sent Brienne out after her, even if Brienne gets to her, who knows (other than the book readers) what will transpire while she’s with Lord Baelish.3


Further from Kings Landing we’ve got Dany, who don’t get me wrong, she was one of my favorite characters in the books, but in the show, she’s pretty much just having a chill time amassing an army, got-s4e4-dany-game-of-thrones-oathkeeper-recap-why-did-the-white-walker-spoilersand while that’s great for her, I’m waiting to see said army be used, and see how much Dany herself is willing to remind the world of her house words to sit on the Iron Throne. Also, I had to ask myself, who hung that huge banner… did she get the dragons to do it?

Season-4-Episode-4-Oathkeeper-game-of-thrones-37006267-4256-2832Up in the North though, where there seems to be little fire, or blood, at least one of those is probably going to change soon, considering that Jon’s on his way to Craster’s and Bran, Hodor and the Reeds (not to mention the direwolves) are there… that reminds me, where’s Summer? Sorry, let’s focus on the people. As soon as we see how wretched things are at Crasters you actually have to wonder if Craster’s daughters were better off before the Night’s Watch showed up. In no way am I excusing Craster’s lifetime of abusive 24656f87918cde6behavior, but he also (as far as we know) never raped any of his daughters to death. That being said, by the end of the episode though, we see exactly why the White Walkers were so happy to have Craster’s son’s and I was actualy really happy (even as a book reader – though I haven’t finished A Dance with Dragons) that apparently what happened at the end of last night’s episode was a surprise to everyone watching, as per this tweet from one of my favorite fellow readers/watchers:

2Now then onto the questions I have. I understand why Craster offered sons for his own despicable benefits. However did the White Walkers take sons because that’s what they wanted, or because that’s what was offered. Obviously they cannot breed (at least with humans), or else they’d have no need to change an infant. However, if they changed an infant girl could it breed with a male white walker, once it was also an adult? screen-shot-2014-04-27-at-11-17-41-pmAlso, what’s a White Walker’s lifespan like? And why make more White Walkers anyway, could they really come out of the North… would they melt? And why does their home look kinda like the place the Dark Elves were from in Thor: The Dark World, are they related?

GeeklyPress_GOT_S4e4_HodorYes these are the questions that run through my mind. Not how will Jon and the Watch stop them, not will the mutineers stop abusing Hodor, because that’s really painful for me to watch (though I did think of that one later, once my head stopped spinning), and what’s Bolton gonna do when he gets to Crasters for Bran, since Jon will be there?!?!

My questions are biological musings regarding the White Walkers, which regardless of the answers, that horde of them is only possible because of how rotten Craster is, ugh effing Craster!

So yeah, what were your thoughts after the episode?

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