Hold that Squee, Con Man at Phoenix Comicon But…

20150309181211-Con_Man_Poster-new.0Hey Readers,

While there are still more posts from Wild Wild West Con to come, we’re already looking forward to Phoenix Comicon, especially with news via twitter that the new web series Con Man, will be filming there, during the convention!

Now, if you’ve not heard the news, Con Man is a new series being put together with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, who star as men who were on a cancelled-too-soon scifi series, which became a cult hit, especially with convention attendees. If this makes you nostalgic for Firefly you’re not alone. But Alan Tudyk stated that this “is the quickest way to see [he and Fillion] back on a spaceship”, which is something we can all agree is what the universe needs.

And while the indigogo campaign for the project has already shattered records, you may still want to consider donating, for the two best reasons, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk

Now, where does Phoenix Comicon come in? Well the twitter account for Con Man, posted the following yesterday:

Now, Phoenix Comicon attendees were collectively thrilled, however we got a clarification from Phoenix Comicon that while Con Man will indeed be filming during Phoenix Comicon 2015, it will just be crowd scenes. The actors will actually be in Dallas during Phoenix Comicon this year.

While the filming of crowd scenes may seem underwhelming compared to the prospect of seeing Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion acting, in person, consider the fact that odds are those filming will be looking for passionate nerds, probably in cosplay. So come dressed in your best at Phoenix Comicon this year, because, who knows, there’s a chance that when you watch Con Man you can go “Look, look, that’s me next to the storm trooper!”

Are you excited about Con Man or Phoenix Comicon, let us know in the comments.

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