Let’s Be Honest, True Detective, eps 7-8

indexHi Readers,

So if you followed my other posts onĀ True Detective you’ll know that I began because of two reasons, the first of which was that I had been emphatically informed by two British strangers at Comic-Con that my life was incomplete, not just as a television fan, but as a person, having not seen the series, and the Emmys were approaching, and True Detective was getting some incredible awards buzz, rivaling other shows (ie Breaking Bad) that I found to be, for lack of a better or more technical phrase, really awesome.

So, after finishing the series was it good, was it worthy of the buzz, yes. Do I now feel whole as a TV viewer and human being, not so much, but with all the existentialism I ended up being exposed to, I certainly feel like I’m in a good place, so to speak.

Now as far as the plot goes, to some degree I can’t help but feel like the police arriving just in time so that everything could essentially turn out ok, was a bit meh, for lack of a better term.

However, in terms of how the writers continued to make the story about the characters and not the plot, it was amazing. If this series had only ever been about the plot, it would have just been another whodunit, and a depressing one at that.

ErrolBecause the series always had a less-is-more feel to it, we don’t need words or exposition when pondering how many lives might have been saved if Cohle had caught the green eared spaghetti monster all those years prior. Or how Cohle might have been spared his near death experience, if the new detectives on the bayou had been asking the right questions, and pieced things together. Rather there’s a sense that by showing the newer detectives also having the killer within reach, that nothing could have been done.

Rather than the notion of helplessness bringing down the series, it helps bring it to a high note, intellectually, if not emotionally.

Hart is a man who lived without regrets or remorse when it came to his personal life. Cohle on the other hand, as much as he outwardly denied it was a man broken and fueled by regrets.

Life though is about balance. That doesn’t mean it’s fair, but that we have to always, to quote Shakespeare “take pains, be perfect”. We must strive for excellence, with the knowledge we can and will fall short, and still loving ourselves when we do.

5572502e50714e3dce02fc22d2c86b74We must not look into the night sky full of it’s darkness and despair, but instead look upon it at the end as Cohle did, knowing that once there were no stars there, and by their mere presence, hold on to the hope, that the light, not the darkness is winning.

Also, as a final note, I don’t think that the show was oversold to me in terms of quality, but definitely in terms of focus. Everyone I mentioned to, that I was watching True Detective told me to pay SUPER close attention, or I’d miss a lot… maybe it’s because I’m a pretty active viewer, but I’m either incredibly oblivious and must have missed a lot, or I did just fine, because LOST was my gateway drug, in terms of making me scrutinize every detail in dramas I love.

So, did you watch True Detective? Is your life now complete?!?! Did you love it, hate it, or something in between?

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