“How it makes you feel” Daredevil eps 2-4

ArtGalleryHi Readers,

As I work my way through Marvel’s Daredevil I think that after episode four it’s time to take a deep breath and think about how it makes me feel, because it’s making me feel a lot of things, all of them good, and mostly because of the bad guy!

Now, before I get to all that was good because it was bad on Daredevil, let’s look at where we’re at, and I’ll use this bit of recap space to mention that near the bottom of this post is a particularly violent gif, so be warned.

Daredevil-8Also be warned that as much as I want to continue raving about the epic and well choreographed fights we’ve been able to see, I can only say so much before it gets repetitive and ceases to serve the purpose of the blog. Thankfully with Daredevil, though repetitive, the fight sequences have continued to move things forward, In-The-Blood-1and even resulted in Rosario Dawson’s Claire pointing out the obvious after the fantastic parking garage throw down, that kicking ass and taking names needs to go somewhere, otherwise in the long run no difference will be made for Hell’s Kitchen. And it may daredevil-ep4-2be because I find myself agreeing with nearly everything Claire says and does (particularly her use of that bat in said parking garage) but I find myself getting sucked into hoping that Matt and Claire’s relationship develops into something. Also, this is yet another moment where I’m glad that I know nothing about the comics so I can be surprised no matter what happens.

indexSpeaking of relationships and surprises, let’s move on to Wilson Fisk, the villain that I thought I would love to love, but after episode four, I’m sure that I’m going to love to hate him. When we’re first getting to know him it’s on a first date. Which was great, because despite how socially clunky Fisk is, the first-date-exposition with tidbits about his background never felt clunky. After the date, I had a lot of thoughts… and feelings.

Fisk… it would take to long to explain so let me use cute cats to breakdown my reactions.

After the dinner while Fisk finds out that Vanessa doesn’t know what she feels there was a moment when I paused the show and said out loud “aww they’re trying to humanize the villain, how cute!”. I mean I love Loki, so a humanized villain seems like par for the course of a Marvel franchise.

However within five minutes the following occurred:daredevil-ep4-cardecapitation

aaaaahimagesAnd after the above decapitation, while Fisk calmly wiped his blood splattered face, and informed an also disturbingly calm Mr. Wesley that he had no problem starting a war with a dead Russian, my face was pretty much like the cat on the right, because I did NOT see that level of violence or malice coming, and for me that’s AWESOME!!!

dinerNow for one other relationship that bears mentioning, even though there’s not anything that surprising (or romantic) about it, let’s look briefly at Karen and the reporter Ben. I’m not surprised that he decided to help, or that she went to him in the first place. I’m just miffed that she didn’t tell Matt or Foggy, because the fact that they’re working together in secret (a secret that’s sure to be uncovered) is the only thing that feels like a bit of a plot device for tension and danger down the road.

But who cares, because I’m on that road, and cannot wait for tension, danger and feelings!

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