Almost Human is “Something Special”

almost-human_509Being human sucks.  No, I’m not referring to the British or American show about supernatural coeds.  I’m referring to the actual human existence.  Don’t get me wrong, I like being human in the sens that of all mammals we’re the only ones with awesome TV shows, like, you guessed it “Almost Human”.  What’s my point, my main point is that during the pilot and second episode I was literally falling asleep, not due to the plot, or pacing, but because I was running on fumes energy wise, but I couldn’t help but keep watching because it was SO good.  I think that’s part of the ALMOST-HUMAN-posterhuman condition, to try and push past natural limitations.  All of that being said, for this short, short blog I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, which will hopefully have a more in depth blog after.  I can say that part of why I love the show (it didn’t even take all three episodes, I loved it after the pilot) is Karl Urban’s character , and his interactions with Michael Ealy’s. It’s not just the scif element (though it’s well executed).  You can already see the relationship building, and that’s part of what makes it “something special”.  The relationships on other shows seem to take and this didn’t need it, it hit the ground running and it didn’t stumble. I may go back and do a blog on the first two episodes, but till then I’ll be blogging as I go.

So thanks for reading, happy watching and leave your impressions of the show below!

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