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Here’s a spoiler FREE review of I, Frankenstein!

If you’ve seen I, Frankenstein, or are fine with spoilers, Read My Full Review Here

Without spoiling anything I can say that the movie either lived up to, or exceeded my expectations, especially in the areas that matter.

I-Frankenstein-PosterThe movie was visually awesome. The effects were definitely impressive, and brought the fantastic aspects of the plot to a realistic level. It’s a film that I wouldn’t wait for on the small screen. While I used to hate 3D because it felt gimmicky and unnecessary I, Frankenstein is one of a few films lately where the 3D helps to pull you in.

200_sIn terms of the plot and characters, I didn’t see any annoying plot holes, and with the exception of Yvonne Strahovski’s character Terra seeming too at ease with everything supernatural that went on in the film, all of the character’s and their choices made sense. This is important and especially true of Aaron Eckhart as Adam, the Creature. If you’ve read the book (spoilers if you haven’t, but the book was written almost 200 years ago) you know that it ended with the Creature still despising humanity for it despising him, and an almost confusing sympathy for his creator. The movie picks up just a bit after that before moving forward into the present, and I think that the writers nailed it when it came to keeping this version of the Creature consistent with his perspective from the novel.

All in all I have to give this film a combination of “SO MUCH AWESOME” and “Hmmmm”

For more details on why, see the spoilery review.

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