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#IWantMyNerdHQ and here’s why…

Comic-Con is selfish. There I said it, and I attend. This will be my fourth year in a row, and if that makes me selfish then so be it. You have thousands of nerds selfishly pay to sit in front of studios and vendors selfishly trying to promote or sell you something. Now there are a lot of great things about SDCC, tons in fact, but there’s not anything selfless about it, and that’s reason number one that I’m supporting and donating to the #IWantMyNerdHQ campaign. If you haven’t heard about it, I’ve included some links at the bottom of this post with details.

Here’s how I can sum it up though, Nerd HQ is an event that takes place, unaffiliated with SDCC, but during the convention outside of the convention center. Unlike SDCC, which this year cost $200.00 for a 4-Day with Preview Night, Nerd HQ is free, always has been, and it get’s better. Nerd HQ has something for everyone and that means gamer nerds, movie nerds, TV nerds, you name it. They also have panels with celebrities, like SDCC, but in a far more intimate setting.  And now it gets even better, Nerd HQ doesn’t make any money from this, remember when I said it was free, because it’s free. The only thing that ever costs is admission to the panels (Which are streamed online, for FREE…the world can thank Nerd HQ for the best velociraptor impression from Tom Hiddleston), but that money doesn’t pay for the event, or those that run it, instead it pays for smiles literally. Zachary Levi, who as listed above is “Officer Commanding” of this entire nerd Army, donates all money, to Operation Smile.

Now anyone who has ever helped put together an event knows that somehow somewhere someone’s footing the bill. For some reason, sponsors don’t get it. They did and now they don’t is the best way I can sum that up, going off of information from an interview Zachary Levi gave, along with what he’s been posting. So, now it’s up to us. If Nerd HQ is going to happen, then it means giving of ourselves. Zachary Levi started a crowdfunder to pull this together. Most of the response from fans has been really positive, and it wasn’t until a particularly nasty outlook on the whole thing was posted online, that I felt like I needed to start sounding off on why this is great (and no, that link isn’t below, because Zachary Levi responded, and was far more gracious than I would have been, so I refuse to give that negativity any more attention than it’s gotten). If you think that this is just about giving money so some nerds can have fun, or party, please follow the links below, which explain why it’s so much more, and why Zachary Levi didn’t even want incentive tiers, because he wanted everyone to feel like their money was as valuable as everyone else’s.

So, what if you never go to SDCC, what if you don’t watch the panels online, what’s in it for you… Smiles. That’s it. It may sound cheesy, it may sound silly. But that’s it. You’ll be helping provide an event that will make fellow nerds smile, and then donate to sit in panels, so that children around the world can literally smile for the first time ever. It’s time to think beyond ourselves, and more so than all the awesomeness that Nerd HQ has produced, it’s Zachary Levi’s enthusiasm and selflessness, which is shared when this even takes place, that #IWantMyNerdHQ.

Information about the campaign:

The campaign itself:

Only you can make this happen nerds, Viva la Nerdolution!!!!!

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