Take your kid to work day! TWD S4e5

So what can I say about last Sunday’s The Walking Dead.  There’s really not a lot.  For all the zombie smashing and shooting fun that took place, the big highlights were Carl & Rick killing walkers, Maggie & Herschel saving humans, and the Governor “Perving out the prison” as stated on Talking Dead after the show.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, Internment

The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0294Other than that it was a fairly uneventful episode. So lets start with what we’ve got.  The opening drama in the quarantined area of the prison was so-so, I feel bad for Glenn, but I really don’t think that if the writers kill him off that it’ll be with the flu.  What was nice out of these scenes though was the moment between Herschel and Maggie. Their acting as he tried to keep her at a distance to keep her safe was beautiful.  Maybe I’ve watched “Meet Joe Black” too many times, The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0392but Father-Daughter scenes always get to me, and it was also nice to see that Maggie (unlike other members of the group, like Tyrese, or even little Lizzie… don’t get me started on that stupid girl) is channeling her emotions in a way that is both healthy and productive.


When Rick returned and Maggie let him in, I really thought that for half a second he was going to lie and say that Carol didn’t make it, but I’m sure Rick knew, that 1st of all he didn’t want to deceive others, because he wants to stand by his decision.  And I respect him for that (even if I still don’t agree with how he executed it, but I addressed that in last week’s blog).  I also think deep down he knew how incredibly awkward, and hypocritical it would be to “Pull A Shane”, say she didn’t make it, only to have her pop up again in the future.

The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0750As Rick was getting back, watching Herschel try and not just keep people alive, but optimistic by shielding them from the dead, was admirable, but maybe this show has made me callused, because I felt like it was a waste of energy.  Also, while I’m happy that this show (minus season two) does well at not wasting time, I would have liked to see Rick tell Herschel about the choice he made with Carol.  But The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0834Herschel’s reaction will have to suffice, and most of the episode continued to focus on his struggles and pains, as he fought to try and save as many lives as possible.  But really… we got to waste time on Rick telling Carl to make sure the kids brush their teeth after having the fruit leathers… I wish they’d spent that time on Rick telling Herschel… but I digress.

The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1151Moving on,  Maggie breaking in to rescue Glenn and her father was awesome to watch… except when it wasn’t, like when she uselessly broke the axe.  But other than that, sure it was awesome, and I’m happy that Glenn survived, even though I wasn’t that worried. Also, I guess I do have to address Lizzie ( I still don’t like her though), it was admirable when she lured the walker away The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1107from Glenn, but the fact that she thought she could lure it away, and it wouldn’t try to eat her was silly.  I think it was equally silly that Herschel shielded the children from seeing him shoot the walkers.  Maybe if Lizzie were a little more exposed to “What always happens” as Carl so wisely put it, she would be a bit more like Carl.

The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1260Speaking of which, I don’t think anyone was disappointed when we saw Rick opt to toss Carl a gun, instead of telling him to run inside and tuck the kids in for the night. There’s not much to say though other than “Yay, bonding AND killing The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1736zombies!” so that’s all I’ll say.  I’ll add that it did almost feel cheesy that the next morning as the medicine arrived, Rick and Carl had that “one last happy farmer moment”, before you know… “What always happens”.

The_Walking_Dead_S04E05_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_1753I am so stoked to see the Governor by the way.  After all now that they’ve conquered the boring aspect of the season ( I know a lot of people liked the whole “danger within” aspect of the flu and not being able to trust people at the prison… hey what about those rats?!?!?!), yeah I thought the flu plot was boring, and now we can finally get the villain I never saw the Governor as in Season 3… reread those blogs I would have happily moved into Woodbury. Anyway, YAY for next Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Take your kid to work day! TWD S4e5

  1. Hey, I think you covered the bases extremely well. Herschel’s my hero. That actor really pulls off the “super-tired, but I’m going to keep on going” demeanor.

    Herschel is solid as a glacier, and twice as cool.

  2. WARNING: This may or may not have anything to do with anything. But when sleep inducing episodes take place you can only hope for the best. Or even something like this…

    “Maggie breaking in to rescue Glenn and her father was awesome to watch… except when it wasn’t, like when she uselessly broke the axe, “; and since that was pretty much the only lucid sentence in this week’s sans Daryl mentioned blog (what is this world coming to when my favorite Walking Dead writer doesn’t mention the crossbow, country-cool heart-throb? That’s like talking about Thor without mentioning Loki) that is where I’ll begin. Maggie. Maggie is going to ultimately be the demise of all that is good in the world. There are numerous reasons, but I’ll stick to 3.

    1. She has quickly become the arch enemy prototype for the matriarchal themes governing this show. And I ain’t talking about no one-eyed purple people eater either (ha – I made a funny). Rather, the thing that seems to be surfacing more than ever in this year’s “behind prison walls!” drama (as opposed to say last season’s – “behind boring farm story!” drama) is that female characters rule the day. Whether it is Maggie growing slowly, yet firmly into Glenn obsolescence, or Carol (she, of whom we do not speak) becoming the She-ra for battered women everywhere, or even little Lizzie (I mean really? Nobody likes the little sunshine of an Eternal Mind actress knock off) who braves zombies and any decision that is half reasonable or respectable with supreme stupidity. I’m pretty sure the only LESS reasonable kids than Lizzie are the kids from those round table Insurance commercials…or Will Smith’s kids. Anybody think Willow (or was it Jaden) Smith in After Earth was reasonable?

    The point being, Maggie equal Wonder Woman equals all women in post apocalypse world equals female viewership equals male viewership. The only casualty of this “Beautiful Mind” equation gone mad is again, Glenn. For what it’s worth, I disagree with what you think Glenn is in for. I think is days are numbered. Not for any doing of his own. But think about it. Which characters ultimately get knocked off? The innocuous, expendable ones – well, at least when it comes to the Womanhood” society of zombie land. Maggie is showing she is strong enough to endure without Glenn. The signs are on the wall…Andrea? Expendable. Merle? Boring, expendable? Shane? Really, you have to ask? Even Lori in her glorious “womanhood” blast out of the show (whatever happened to that baby of hers?) became expendable for the greater womanhood cause. Martyr much?

    2. Herschel. He represents all that is good, Biblical and sound in the zombie world. He is an allegory and metaphor and literal example for viewers to cling on to. Do his decisions always make sense? Not one bit. But that’s the thing about being good. You don’t have to make sense. You just have to be consistent enough at it to be grating, annoying, irrational and tense. Herschel accomplishes all of this on his nonsensical approach to fathering two women. One who basically is not relevant to anything that happens in the show (queue LOST episode #63) but for some reason persists. Maybe to keep Daryl fans guessing who he/ll “end up with”. And the other, Maggie.

    Maggie will be Herchel’s undoing …and therefore undoing of all good represented in the Walking Dead by either his sacrifice or by his continued stupidity in action. Martyr much? (See what I did there?)

    3. Rick. You knew it was coming. I did too. We may be all fooled into think Maggie and Glenn make sense. They don’t. We may have even thought that Carol and Daryl make sense. No – get over it. He’s the thing. Lori’s dead. Carol’s LOST (I doubt Penny and Desmond will do a “mash up” episode ala iCarly and Victorious). Michone. Um…yah. No. So who is our lovable male lead to swoon after? He can only be Andy to Carl’s Opie for so long. As much as I want Lori to come back it ain’t happening. So, put all the pieces together and boom. It’s right there in front of us – staring us in the face. Maggie and her fake real life “British accent” and Rick’s real “South American/English accent” (watch interviews and you’ll get it) are bound to push the shark jumping early next year! Not this year. We still have the whole kill off Glenn via the Governor story arc that needs to play out. Carol still has to come back. Daryl still has to return to manhood via his own feminization earlier this year. But…after the turn of this season, it will happen. The undoing of all good in The Walking dead. All because of Maggie.

    So was it a boring episode? Perhaps. Was there a lot of father issues? Probably? Do we to a person dislike the Lizzie character? You betcha! But there is a diabolical plan behind it all. And, like Adam and Eve; it’s all a woman’s fault…er…I mean, the clues are all there. The cookie crumbs have left their trail, the stars are aligning…the realms are lining up! Maggie didn’t just break her axe because she’s a stupid and weak woman. She broke it as another step into the walking dead’s writers’ ploy. Jump that shark! Jump it! It’s coming…it’ll only be a matter of when. Maggie will destroy all that is good in the world…

    Also, what’s the deal with Bob? I don’t know anybody who has fallen off the wagon without actually taking a drink. Crazy bob.

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