Leaping Lizards! Godzilla Spoiler-free Review

maxresdefaultHi Readers,

So last weekend Godzilla stomped his way to nearly the biggest box office weekend stopping only two million short of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And honestly, in terms of the quality of the films, it seems to makes sense, since for this viewer at least, Godzilla has been the second best movie of the Summer. I guess technically Winter Soldier was still during the Spring, but yeah, I stand by my ranking, and I’ll explain without spoilers below.
Now, first off I have to say that some of my theories from my teaser trailer breakdown were either partially or fully correct, and that there were definitely answers to questions that myself and other fans had.

stars-in-godzilla-2014-350x197In general I loved the movie. It was definitely one to see in theaters, as the experience makes all the difference. The only complaint I have (which is kind of difficult in keeping this completely spoiler free) is wanting more of what I enjoyed. I can sum that up by saying it would have been nice to have gotten more Bryan Cranston (but that may be because I’m a Breaking Bad fan)new-godzilla-trailer-shows-first-good-look-at-the-monster.jpg and more of Godzilla, because, well the movie is called Godzilla. For better or for worse, prepare yourself not to see him until about halfway through the film.  The style that Gareth Edwards, and those that worked on the film really went with was about putting story first and Godzilla second. It gave me mixed feelings in that I appreciate good story telling, but again I wanted more of the big guy.

So, I have to give this film (and there’s more detail on this in the Spoilery version of the review) one really excited kitten and a hmmmmmm.



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