Believing Lies!True Detective eps 2&3

imHi Readers,

If you’re aware, a couple days ago I FINALLY started watching True Detective. I’m binging so that I can be caught up by the Emmys on Monday. Last night, I watched episodes 2&3, and I have to say, so far my favorite thing about the show, on top of the great writing and acting is how much each of the main characters, Cohle and Hart lie to themselves.

Now for a plot recap, the main story, which is set in 1995, is being told by two detectives (Hart and Cohle) in 2012. It covers not just the murder these men investigated, but is really turning into an investigation of the men themselves, and despite the fact that Cohle is incredibly introspective, and Hart seems to be afraid to understand his own emotions and motives, they both do an awesome job at lying.

Take Hart. He plays the role of a considerate family man, all the while fooling around on the side, with another younger woman, who’s already moved on (something he isn’t too happy about to say the least). However none of this stops him from being touchy when Cohle mentions his wife, and points out Hart’s not as virtuous as he he seems, or ready to start a fight with Cohle for mowing his lawn. No that’s not a metaphor. Cohle literally mowed Hart’s yard, after returning a lawn mower.

Cohle Hart TentRegarding Cohle, his self awareness is shocking when you realize that he can understand so much, and yet not get to the right place. He’s pessimistic, and intellectual, and while he thinks is a “victory” to really know himself, he won’t acknowledge what everyone else can see, that his intellectual pessimism is just a way of trying to rationalize all the hurt he feels as a man who’s lost everything.

d3e8969f3a65dd5f0d7f20c56fc5302d-1592680-512-341Regarding the murder mystery. At this point in the show, we’re told that Hart and Cohle catch the guy in 1995. and the last I’ve seen of them then was they were getting ready to pursue the man responsible. However we also still know that the purpose of the interviews is because someone in 2012 has killed in a way that makes it seem like the man they caught wasn’t the killer.

Matthew-McConaughey-as-Rust-Cohle-in-True-Detective-Season-1-Episode-1We shall see as the show continues, either way I’m still loving the show. Also, I mentioned in the last post how manipulative Cohle can seem with the detectives interviewing him. If he didn’t seem like such a lazy alcoholic at this point, I might think it was him… but again, we shall see.

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve a spoiler free comment through ep 3, leave it below!

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