LOL, Game of Thrones S4e8

oberyn-vs-the-mountain-fight-poster-682x1024Hi readers,

As I mentioned in my post for the mid-season finale of Mad Men, life’s been crazy busy, so this post is later than usual. My plan though is to be on schedule for blogging about the GoT finale this Sunday. That being said, let’s look at why I laughed so much during “The Mountain and the Viper”.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was an intense episode, and distressing for several reasons, but if this episode taught us anything it’s that sometimes when things are so bad that you could laugh or cry, it’s definitely better to laugh.

So as you know by now (and if you don’t know, spoilers are on you)….Game-of-Thrones-Mountain-Viper

game-of-thrones-the-mountain-and-the-viperOberynn Martel was so close to winning, which would have meant Tyrion would have been freed. Instead, Oberynn Martel made the same mistake Loki did when he was grabbed by Hulk… what was his flaw? MONOLOGUE-ING!!!! Yep, all could have been well, if he’d stopped shouting at the man he’d beaten… or if he’d shouted from a safe distance. It’s like the phrase I’ve heard “Before you insult a man walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you do insult him, you’re a mile away AND you have his shoes.” Where was I though… ah yes, the utter crushing defeat.

Now maybe it’s just because I’ve read the books, so I wasn’t caught off guard, I will say though that this is definitely one of those scenes that the show did incredibly well, in terms of bringing the books to their full gory life. So where does that leave Tyrion, condemned to death, but he’s not the only character in a depressing spot by the end of this episode, let’s take a look shall we…

GOT-Theon-ep-8Things are incredibly depressing for Theon. For the longest time I didn’t pity him at all, considering the choices he made. However being made Ramsay’s deadly errand boy, I’m finally starting to feel bad for this guy’s psyche, and I hate any time that Ramsay “Bolton” gets what he wants.

760004got408103013hsdsc04931jpg-958b98_960wFor Dany, and Jorah, things were depressing, as Dany found Greywormout that he’d been spying on her. Even in the show though I feel like Dany was too harsh, only because of all the wisdom Jorah had given her over time. And let’s not forget about Greyworm. I keep forgetting that despite being an awesome warrior he’s a eunuch, poor guy.

The only people that things didn’t turn out utterly horrible for were Gilly and Ygritte, in that Ygritte got to do some fun pillaging with the Wildlings, and she spared Gilly, who I’m sure was happy to survive.

Continuing to move from the utterly horrible to utterly awesome, we have Sansa Stark, who’s finally learned how to lie, and man is she good at it. If anyone can play the Game of Thrones at this point, it’s her. Though not to dampen her awesomeness, it’s not like she’d have this much ability to manipulate back in King’s Landing… but again, yay for her dishonestly and manipulation. Petyr better keep an eye on her… and not in the creepy way.

Now then, why all the laughing? Like I said, pretty much with the minor exception of Gilly, and the major exception of Sansa, everything is going to the Seven Hells in a handbasket for each major character in Westeros. And while it’s depressing that Arya had no idea that Sansa was at the Vale, her response (as illustrated in this lovely clip below) was priceless.
When I watched this moment, I started chucking about a half second before Arya let loose, and it was the perfect reaction. After all she’s been through she just essentially learned (as far as she knew) that it was all for nothing, so what better to do than laugh about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the Seven Kingdoms has Arya’s sense of humor, so I’m sure we’ll see them all cope in various ways over the next two episodes, and beyond, and with that I’m off to watch episode 9. Thanks as always for watching, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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    • So I thought a lot about your comment… if he sucks at fighting he shouldn’t stop to monologue. End of story, that being said… and be honest here, Loki vs Ninja Turtles… thoughts?

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