Love SuperWhoLocK? Behold!

tumblr_static_superwholockHi Readers,

While a slew of Phoenix Comicon posts are still due, I thought I’d take a moment and share what was one of the most entertaining moments of the con! When a geekily gifted writer cobbled together a script of the awesomeness that would occur if Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock all shared a screen, several equally geeky SuperWhoLock enthusiasts read it in character, with the epic results below.

The video below was taken during the “SuperWhoLock Live Script Read” panel. Unfortunately because of where “Sam” and “Dean” were in relation to the microphone, you tumblr_mzv8aoOukH1r9im9ao1_400may need to adjust your volume. Additionally because of the way it was filmed there are a couple moments where dialogue is a bit lost in the editing, but nothing was missed in terms of plot. Also, speaking of the plot, I won’t give any details away because…

But it’s fantastic!

Other than that… Allons-y!

Any thoughts on the SuperWhoLock script read? Any hopes and dreams for a future Masterpiece Mashup? Let us know in the comments.

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