Maggie and the Newbies, The Walking Dead S4e13

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0280Hi Readers,

This past Sunday was, possibly the first episode of The Walking Dead this season that didn’t leave me pondering character growth or the meaning of life (or at least the meaning of life during a zombie apocalypse).

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0538Now then, I like Maggie, however as the title of this post suggests, I feel like there’s an entire half of this episode I could have done without, and it involves “Maggie and the Newbies” a small but time consuming opener for the act I really cared about, Darryl and Beth (and no, I’m not shipping the two of them, they’re just more interesting). I mean,the whole focus on Maggie, Bob and Sasha felt like a waste of time since they all decided to go to Terminus. Also, Bob is already part of the group, I don’t think we needed the flashbacks.

So, even though things were inter-spaced between Maggie and Beth’s adventures, let’s start with Maggie, and get to what I think will make for actual progression of the plot. Despite my whining the foggy opening of their group was great, I feel like we get a new horror element in each episode. Where was I… yeah the waste of time for determining to go to Terminus.

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1050I’m not judging Maggie for wanting to find Glenn, and I applauded her efforts at communicating via zombie guts where she was going, should Glenn find the signs. normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0954I do judge her for going off on her own. I deeply regret any sexism here, but I think a man on his own in a zombie apocalypse is safer than a woman, and I’ll validate that point a bit further down. And why did she have to go off on her own? Well because I feel like Sasha was being a bit of a pansy about things… and yes my thoughts about a woman choosing to be alone in a zombie apocalypse apply to her too. normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1602The whole, let’s just stop at some random house to try and stay safe seems like a ridiculous strategy as the show has shown that generally there’s strength in numbers (especially at a place like Terminus), and we’ve learned that in general no place is really that safe, especially if you’re on your own. normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1700Bob therefore was the most sensible of the group by heading to Terminus. I don’t know if the writers felt like compensating for what I kind of considered to be unintentional sexism (because both the girls made what I considered the dumb choice… Sasha more than Maggie) But it was nice to see Sasha and Maggie take the most swipes at walkers. Also I’m happy and all that they decided to go to terminus, especially since that’s where Glenn is obviously pondering going, I am just now worried that instead of an entire season at a farm, it’ll be an entire season on the road, but we’ll see how it goes.

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1522Finally, I get that there’s sort of a budding relationship between Bob and Sasha… but I’d be less shocked if we’d seen this kind of affection between Darryl and Beth… which reminds me, the interesting part of the episode….


normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0357So, Beth and Darryl together isn’t what made the episode interesting. I mean sure it was nice to see that they could get some rest, and that they’re starting to appreciate each other’s company (I’ll say it again though, I’m not shipping these two, I’m not against it, just glad the show’s normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0399above it). What I guess the show is not above though is being a tad plot devicey, which is what Beth’s ankle getting caught in a plot device… I mean trap felt like. Anyway where was I… yes it was sweet to see Darryl help her, and it was nice to see normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0489that the two of them could rest up a bit, and to be reminded that the world may have moved on, but in a lot of ways people haven’t. Beth still misses her father, and even an undertaker still wanted to keep calm and carry on. To be honest I didn’t even find that part of the episode morbid. Oh and also dogs… which can also be either ankle biters, or plot devices.

Anyway, things couldn’t stay awesome forever, not in a zombie apocalypse anyway, so not only do walkers ruin their rest, but in chaos Beth get’s kidnapped.

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E13_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1416This, along with the people Darryl ends up with at the end of the episode points out how unsafe things are for women alone. Adding to the sexism… and maybe it’s just me, but not only am I less judgemental, but I have a lot more admiration, interest and enthusiasm for why Darryl has to travel all alone than Maggie.

Now… onto those shady fellas that Darryl ends up with…

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1796I don’t think less of Darryl for joining this guy’s posse. What was he going to say “yeah no… please leave me alone and don’t beat me to death?” Then again, I also never judged Andrea for choosing to stay at Woodbury. Also, from what we’ve seen so far from this guy, who was the same one running things at the house Rick had to escape from, I think that if I had a choice between staying with this guy, or at Woodbury… yeah I’d be right back in Woodbury (also any comments about Stockholm Syndrome are not allowed in the comments, but must be mailed and made up of magazine clippings, ransom note style… just kidding but I got those comments a lot last season)…. Anyway I think that at some point we’ll end up with the same kind of dynamic that we had with Andrea coming back to the group, and I’m looking forward to it when it happens.

So what we’re your thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Maggie and the Newbies, The Walking Dead S4e13

  1. Ok Beth drinking for the first time ever and it happens to be moonshine and she doesn’t even really appear tipsy? Ok Darryl, out in the middle of nowhere, nothing fun going on in your whole crappy world, and with a 21 year old drinking and wanting to experiment for the first time and you don’t even attempt jump her bones? Gay. And why did the zombies when chasing Darryl in the mortuary go 3X the speed of normal zombies? I do like the group of nasty dudes as I think there would be more like them roaming the countryside. However, let’s bring the group back before I lose interest. So much time goes by before you find out what’s going on with Rick when he may be your favorite character. I lost a lot of respect for Rick when the Governor kicked his ass….

  2. I was going to respond to the author’s comments but then saw a previous commenter state an all to linear string of references and wondered if that is how all readers perceive the show? And then I wondered if, maybe, that I am amongst the few that have more interest that watching Beth “get her bones jumped” in order to make the series more interesting or realistic. I think not, but I’m already sucked in so I’ll respond with sanity, not cry “Absalom, Absalom”.

    I think Rick getting a beating was right on par with the show’s mantra of the frailty of human life in these times. If Rick had risen to super-humanly beat up the governor we’d be stuck with a superhuman rick, which last time I checked, unless he’s wearing gray, blue or red tights doesn’t make sense. Instead the writers of TWD chose the right path, I believe.

    And, regarding the separation of characters – Some people like particular groups more than others. I think that the following of a disbursed group (which is common in literature) makes the most sense. How often in real life do you always hang with your friends, or groups of people ALL the time? I’m thinking unless it’s a UofA Football game or the next Judas Priest concert it never stretches beyond a couple hours. Heck, even in prison where you are forced to be with the same people all the time, the bonding that goes on is not palatable…so to speak. So, divergent paths makes complete sense and is effective storytelling on many levels. It feeds the niche (the long tail, for those of you who are more savvy in marketing), allows more to happen over the course of a season, allows for “smaller tales to be told”, and make sense of what can’t be made sense of.

    Now – what the previous commenter got right: Did they import a particular 28 weeks later breed of zombie this week? They definitely were much faster and aggressive(?) zombies than ever before. It was somewhat jarringly inconsistent.

    To the author – I think that everything you’ve said makes complete sense. I don’t think it’s sexist at all the expect that men would have a safer go at it alone than a woman. Especially the type of woman that populates the end of the word — heaven forbid you’re unattractive in the zombie apocalypse as they must be the first to get killed off. Who knew? But reality of the situation would probably mean that groups of men travel together in more aggressive packs and would pretty much overtake a single roaming woman – and not in the kindest of ways. I realize that’s a pretty pathetic view of the world, but we are dealing with a pretty pathetic view of a zombie apocalypse.

    To be honest, that is what is most troubling about the series as a whole. It’s not the relationship building or the Deus Ex Machina stuff they use to propel plot, but it’s really the dearth of real terror from others struggling to survive. I once recommended to the author to read Swam by Robert McGammon, and they never did from what I understand. But, if you want a brutal, and what I would expect, more realistic take on the devolution of human culture during and end of the world scenario, that is your book. In that book you see women are generally nowhere near as attractive…or safe. It’s the opposite. And to be clear, neither are the men. The closest we got to that side of darkness was with the governor and Maggie – but even that was pretty “light” when you get down to it. But this is television, I get that. I wonder what Showtime could do with a series like this?

    Well, as always, I’ve gone too long. The pulling together of strings of it is: I agree with the author – it felt transitory – but it made sense of the previous episode (Re: Beth and Darryl) and at least got us to the” Prison”, “Farm”, “Dale’s RV” (?) of each season, the road to “Terminus”…

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