The Best Man, Sherlock S3e2

sherlock-sign-of-threeHello Readers!
Last week we got a real treat. While BBC’s Sherlock has always been fabulous, combining the celebration of Sherlock’s genius with the cringe-induction of Sherlock’s (albeit oblivious) social skills, The Sign of the Three excelled in quite a cocktail of celebration, cringing and  mystery, mostly at John and Mary’s wedding!

screen-shot-2014-01-07-at-18-50-06So, last week I had complained that despite the given circumstances of Sherlock being “not dead”, certain characters (especially John), deserved lots of screen time, I felt that the episode was lacking quite a bit in the mystery department. This episode though not only went heavy on the mystery, it was a mystery brought on by John’s fiance, who has quickly become one of my favorite characters!

BBC_One_-_Sherlock__Series_3__The_Sign_of_Three___The_Sign_of_Three-3I think that this episode was perfectly balanced, on both the mystery, and on the personal side uktv-sherlock-series-3-3of things, Sherlock is faced with a nearly impossible problem.  On the mystery side, somehow a soldier was murdered in a room, locked from the inside, and on the personal side, Sherlock is John’s best man, which means giving a speech, and well, behaving like, well Not Sherlock.

tumblr_myyfreCg1L1qajnvmo1_1388969546_coverThe highlight of the episode had to be Sherlock doing his best to be a friend, and take John on a “Stag” night. His attempt to control the antics of the evening with measured beakers for beer was admirable, though with John’s interference, it’s no wonder that things ended up like they did.sherlock-the-sign-of-three4

Sherlock-The-Sign-of-Three-Irene-Adler-600x337Out of all the scenes in this episode I have to say that the most interesting was getting a glimpse inside Sherlock’s “mind palace”. Regardless of the setting itself, I found it interesting for three reasons.

First, just the set up, and how he was able to visualize the women from the chat rooms, to try and piece things together.

article-2533818-1A61BF2600000578-708_634x396Speaking of visualizations, seeing “The Woman” show up told viewers Sherlock’s never really let Irene Adler go.

Finally, the fact that Mycroft was there helped the audience get a deeper understand of their relationship, and how Sherlock looks to him. No wonder Sherlock can’t stand to hear him speak though, if he’s already telling him what to do inside his head.

SOT3Now, regarding the mystery of the episode itself, I won’t say how it was done, or how Sherlock solves it, but I will say that by the end of the episode there seemed to be a definite statement on Sherlock, and the consequences of his relationships seeming to have a real effect on him.

And one final question though, “Redbeard”?

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