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This is a *very* short blog I had intended to have completed last week, but holiday preparations kept popping up.  Now that all the in-laws are out Black Friday shopping I have a chance to share some lovely news about a fellow Arizonan!

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Thor: The Dark World a second time. I love it, so much so that I did two bogs one that was spoiler free and one that went deeper. This time I’ll be bringing my non-nerdy younger sister, and I’ll be paying very close attention to one scene in particular.

Here’s a picture of the specific scene (it’s been edited to keep plot details out) :


The only way that the imagery in this scene was able to look so epic and realistic was because it began as epic an realistic.  What you’re looking at is supercell footage taken by Mike Olbinski, a photographer based out of Phoenix.

I wanted to share it, not just because it’s awesome and amazing, but because it serves as a reminder of two things.  First is that movies are best when they have a level of authenticity to their scenes.  After all, if you think WAY back to Jurassic Part, part of what made those dinos so terrifying is that they had HUGE puppets instead of solely relying on CGI.  Marvel did the same thing here.  That brings me to point number two, Marvel Studios is awesome because they understand that movies can only be so magical if people believe what’s on the screen.  If you try to create something from nothing (only CGI)… well you don’t get much (if anything out of it).  If you try to build on something that’s real and already amazing (like Mike’s footage), you get something really amazing.

So this humble little post is here just to say thanks to Mike Olbinski and Marvel, for keeping it real, and making magic happen.

One thought on “Marvel Movie Magic

  1. You’re seeing it again? As my daughter would say… I’m Jelly.

    Cool to hear about the super-cell footage. We don’t have crazy weather like that in Maryland. (We just have stupid unpredictable weather.)

    Enjoy Thor II, again!

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