In Memory of Robin Williams, who dared to go everywhere!

MTE5NTU2MzE2NDA2NDQ5Njc1Yesterday, I was crushed upon hearing about Robin Williams’ passing. My first thought was that it was someone’s incredibly tasteless prank, but then after seeing multiple reports it sunk in. The man that always made me so happy in his films and stand up was gone.


mrs-doubtfire-2When my parents split, to say that watching Ms. Doubtfire was therapeutic for me would be an understatement. That movie made me laugh SO much, and as cheesy as it sounds, reminded me that no matter what, my parents loved me in a time when I was cynically beginning to feel that love was a joke.

Hearing the things people said about him, being so kind, and so energetic made me think about the phrase about how people are like stars, and the ones that burn the brightest are those with the most extreme personalities, and they’re also the ones that leave our skies noticeably darker when they’re gone.

Robin Williams didn’t just burn bright for himself, he made the world brighter for so many. And in thinking about the reports of his depression, which he was open about, made me esteem him so highly, as one who dared to just go, and go, and go, even if for him, it was sometimes in darkness. So this morning as I thought about the places I’ve dared to go, and the places I haven’t, I wrote this poem, and while he’ll never read it, I dedicate it to the memory of Robin Williams, who touched so many lives, because through comedy, drama, or just being a wonderful human, he dared to go everywhere.

Where do we Dare?

To step
Knowing it will take us somewhere
Knowing not where that goes
To speak
Knowing it will put us out there
Knowing it may be on some toes

To jump
Knowing it will take work and trust
Knowing not just how high
To laugh
Knowing that it’s the best kind of fuss
Knowing after we may sigh

To fly
Knowing it will leave folks behind
Knowing that the ground is far below
To love
Knowing that we walk a fine line
Knowing that it may bring sorrow

To fall
Knowing not how far that may be
Knowing it will hurt so much
To grow
Learning it was always the key
Knowing that it helps us touch

To ask…
Where do we dare?

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