Mexican Standoff, Justified S5e7

20140302-152603Hi Readers,
So, been a bit behind on my Justified posts, by goal is to be caught up by the time the next one airs… we’ll see. Here’s what I know though, after the episode “Raw Deal”, Raylan is currently the character I feel the least sympathy for, so let’s go in order of most to least sympathetic.
Ava s5e7Starting with Ava, I have no doubts that being in prison is rough, and if I were in here place, I’d also try to A), join a group that meant not getting jumped, or possibly worse. B) I would do pretty much anything to avoid having to screw a guard. So in some ways, the fact that Ava has now promised the ability to get heroin to join a group vlcsnap-2014-03-02-12h42m44s128and avoid screwing a guard has put her in an unbelievably tough spot, especially considering she’s had no contact with Boyd (which is just sad in and of itself), part of me wants to say that she threw herself in hot water, but again I sympathize. And because she hasn’t talked to Boyd, she doesn’t know that she didn’t have to join this group, and she also doesn’t know that currently Boyd himself is in a tough spot, especially where the heroin is concerned, because like Boyd, the heroin is currently stuck in Mexico.

60373c93aac64cedcc9bf8419f2877c9This leads me to who I feel slightly less sympathetic towards, Boyd. Now I get that he needed to get his heroin, and I get that he needed to find a way to deal with Cousin Johnny trying to essentially steal his business and life, however I never would’ve trusted the Crowe’s as much as he did…… shootout1

and in the end, as the Crowe’s fired, (especially on the wrong side of the border) everything about Boyd’s plan backfired, and now I look forward to catching up on the show and seeing how he tries to clean up the mess… also I’m kinds going to miss Cousin Johnny… just saying.

raw2Now then, on to Raylan while most of the episode for him was on the lighter side of things (at least by comparison). After all, he helped solve a murder, rescue a kidnapped girl, and arrest a one legged computer hacker. There was humor, and most things turned out ok, despite the fact that Art has essentially grounded him to desk work, and with good reason.

After all, we now know that Art knows about what happened to Augustine, and why, so the fact that Raylan essentially gave Art an ultimatum to transfer him or get him off desk work ASAP, is in my opinion a bit selfish, but that’s just me.

So, what were your thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment!

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