Never Easy, The Walking Dead S4e11

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0555Hi Readers,

Last night’s Walking Dead, or portions of it at least felt just like a horror film, and I loved it. Before we get to that though, let’s take a look at all the other awesomeness and misfortune that took place.

So, Instead of keeping things completely sequential, I’m going to group this review by what (for me) was the least to most exciting aspects of the episode.

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0307In the least exciting category, is the sequence of events that took place between Michonne and Carl. She’s been close to being an older sister to him for a while, and Rick has every reason to put his faith in her taking care of his son.normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0668


While I was pleased to see Michonne open up because I think that it’s great character development, it (especially by comparison to other scenes in this episode) was not what I would consider “exciting”.

In the slightly more exciting category, was what took place with Abraham and pals, as they and Tara had to deal with Glenn essentially having a tantrum, which cost them a working vehicle.

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1128Now don’t get me wrong. I like Glenn, and I appreciate his sense of urgency in wanting to find Maggie. I think that anyone separated from their spouse or family members during a zombie apocalypse would want to be able to reconnect. normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1270

However, last week, comments were made about Maggie being “emotional” and “irrational” for dealing with the bus like she did. Glenn, instead decided to try and take on a much bigger guy simply for pointing out the logical (though incorrect) reality that Maggie was likely no longer alive. Now this actually was not that interesting, what is though, is Abraham himself and Eugene (I feel “meh” about Rosita at this point).

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0086To be honest, I started finding Abraham interesting right about the time that Tara did, considering how much he was smiling while killing walkers. My interest continued when at first I thought he was lying to Glenn about needing to get Eugene to Washington, for being some kind of brilliant scientist.  normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1328

After the debacle with Eugene hitting the fuel tank on the truck, and explaining it by (I’m paraphrasing here): having inexperience with rapid fire weapons, I not only believed Abraham, but began to find Eugene interesting as well. Now while I do feel bad for Glenn having to essentially put his search for Maggie on hold, I’m very keen on seeing where the story goes, especially having never read the comics.

Now, on to the most exciting part of the episode, it was all about Rick!

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_0567The scenes under the bed and moving through the house were what a friend of my referred to as “the stuff legends are made of”. I don’t know if I’d refer to it as legendary, but what I do know is I was actively vacillating between breathing as quietly as possible, to not breathing at all (as if my audible oxygen intake would affectnormal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1466 Rick anymore than someone shouting at the TV during a sporting event). I can however say one thing for sure that I took away from the episode, if the bouncing tennis ball, in addition to signalling the menacing approach of an unknown assailant, was intended to be as annoying as possible, then the writers succeeded.

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normal_The_Walking_Dead_S04E11_1080p_kissthemgoodbye_net_1958Finally, I’m psyched to see that Rick, Michonne and Carl are now also on the road to Terminus, despite the fact that I still have no clue if Terminus will be good or bad.

So what were your thoughts after the episode? Leave a comment!

One thought on “Never Easy, The Walking Dead S4e11

  1. Rather than the same ol’ narrative I’m posting a top 10 list response.

    1. Your friend has amazing insight.

    2. They must be brilliant.

    3. Also, (mine, not my) grammar police-like. And, yes. I too have a multitude of errors with spelling, grammar and alliteration from time to time.

    4. This episode provided a real “low point” from this humble viewer’s perspective. I felt the whole Rosarita “knows a better way to cook” camera linger felt obnoxious and out of place for the typically well-videotaped TWD. In fact, the salacious angles and pans on her were a bit offensive and were a little like being able to breathe on Mars; it takes a person out of the story because it feels so manufactured and not within the “world” TWD created.

    5. In talking with a knowledgeable friend, we commented back and forth about the difference Rosarita presents (as though it were forgiveness) as compared to a Maggie Good girl characterization or Michone’s deadly character, or even “the hated yet sadly pathetic” Andrea. I get the comic-book story-line adherence (sort of) but please, TWD, keep us focused on the story and don’t be swayed by the fan boys huddling with bags of Cheetos and dark basements at mom’s house, and their desire to see more T&A. No es bueno.

    6. Speaking of comic-book relevance, the new Abraham Ford character is perfectly loveable. He comes across well and fun. But the sub-text, especially for those of us who do know the comic-book story, is splendid. This promises to be a good turn for the series.

    7. Interestingly, while this episode gave us the misplaced Rosarita (caveat for comic book, yes) I agree with the author that this episode of TWD also provides some of the most suspenseful scenes ever made in the series. Amazingly tense, breath-taking and well-conceived, the bedroom scenes were especially well done!

    Yay for Rick getting back to his bad self.

    8. Glenn became a bit of a whiny dude. Also, no es bueno. I almost was hoping Maggie was dead so he’d just shut up.

    9. I’m kidding about Maggie.

    10. Spoiler Alert – read at your own peril.

    The comic books are a lot (A LOT) more brutal in the human condition and I’ve felt that strangely enough, that was missing from this series. While the series is well-done and even beautiful at times (poignant), the hard-core stuff was missing. With the arrival of Abraham and the way Hershal was dispatched, it feels like we are now playing adult games and it doesn’t bode well for the faint of heart. I am glad for one thing. Rather than spending time “filling” episodes like LOST did after Desmond found Penny, it actually feels like TWD may be gaining steam. Now, if there were a way to go back in time and eliminate the Farm season altogether i would feel great!

    Recommended reading for those who desire to know what I compare the brutality of the human condition to in TWD read Swan Song by Robert McGammon and Blindness by Jose Saramago. Of course, the comic series of TWD. Seriously, read them even if you don’t want to compare. They will change your perspective. And the element of “alternate” storyline for the TV versus Comic Books will add even more fun to the viewing of the best thing to happen to television since the aforementioned LOST.

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