Nothing to be said at Downton, Recap of Season 5 ep 8

downton-abbey-finale-1--aHi Readers,
By now most of you probably know that the sixth season of Downton Abbey will be its last. But I’ve got plenty to say about that, and I’d be jumping ahead of myself if I did, because the apparent theme of episode 8 was that there’s nothing to be said, even though quite a bit happened.

Let’s look at the extended family first. Rose is now wed. The potential drama of a deteriorated wedding was averted as suddenly as it arose. The fact that her mother would be such a saboteur is dreadful, but essentially meaningless now that all is wrapped up. The same can be said of the wedding that didn’t happen between Mary and Tony, there’s nothing more to be said.

In fact Edith is in the same boat. Sure, the Earl now knows that the child is hers, and he understands why Edith has been so obsessed, and quite frankly if he’s not going to take any action, then there’s nothing to blog about. Cora’s line about wanting to let it be Edith’s “secret a while longer” tells me that eventually everyone including Mary will know.

Now the only storyline that lingers is of the Bates’, but I’m finding myself in the same position I was in with the whole birth control plot where it felt like pointless drama. I love the Bates’, but my impression is simply that the inspector wants Bates to take the fall for his wife, so he can get a confession, so if nothing is said then I’m assuming the charges will be dropped. Though who knows if this will be the case after the Christmas special.

And upon mention of said special, I’m off to watch it.. and then weep over the fact that there’s only one season left of the show.

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