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So on this site we like to throw around new words and see what sticks like “epic-spode” used for most episodes of Breaking Bad.  In this case we’re starting with “Cos-Project”, because you can’t engage in cosplay until you’re done creating your costume.

My next post will be on the first Cos-Project however it may technically be my second Cos-Project. Cosplay I’ve done in the past (almost always at SDCC) has included a couple different easy outfits.

For full on costume making from scratch though, I made my first attempt for SDCC13 as Ms. Marvel

cosplay2Get a black turtleneck leotard, a red scarf, some masking tape, yellow fabric paint and…

Here was the finished result!

I’m not entirely sure if I should have been flattered or bothered by the guy taking the photo in the background, but either way in addition to the mask (made a home) and the boots (had at home) I also invested in a decent pair of panty hose, as even with pulling the sash a bit wide, the costume was a bit… shall we say cheeky.!

Only at SDCC would I feel that confident by the way!



It’s also a costume that’s really easy to erm… dress up. I added the white button up blouse and the black skirt to go with the whole Clark-Kent-Undercover-Journalist look (Which works since, if you know your comics, Carol Danvers, was a journalist). Why would I alter the costume you ask? Well two reasons, one I liked the idea of doing a variation, and two this was a Tucson Comic-Con (for my blogs and pictures on it click HERE), meaning it was in my hometown, and here… people know me…


So there it is, some of my past cosplay efforts, they were all done before this website, so if you want to see Cos-Project Number One, The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf, click the link.

Thanks for reading and happy cosplaying!




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