Phoenix Comicon 2017 Game Master Throwdown!

DSCN1339Hey Readers,

While I’ve not yet taken time to post about it, this past January I began an important quest, life changing in both realistic and fantastic ways.  I began a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with friends. In short it’s been awesome. It’s become a new way to connect, think outside the box and have fun.

All of that awesomeness took place at Phoenix Comicon 2017 in various forms. There were exhibitors, panels on the topic and best of all there was a Game Master Throwdown!

IMG_20170528_1506348How does a Game Master Throwdown work? Well, this one was hosted by Ben Mandall. A Phoenix resident and spectacular nerd (you may have spotted him in some of my P.U.G.S. photos). Ben puts together the pieces of a campaign that Game Masters then have to work in. He likened it to the Food Network show Chopped (which is so fun to watch… just saying). Where he gives the “ingredients” and the GMs have to provide and epic “dish” for their party quest.

At the end of the quest the party members of each campaign are asked to fill out a questionnaire rating their Game Master on not just the fun of their adventures, but how well they incorporated things like a specific, but unrevealed pieces of art, story aspects like “A child who knows” (which resulted in many dead and/or spirit children making appearances) and the plot twist halfway through of “The price of friendship is revealed” (this resulted in some minor squabbles as a few players humorously started accusing each other of doing something that was to the detriment of the party.

DSCN1351And while it may seem like the best part about this competition was the amazing prizes, bragging rights and a good time had by all were by far what made competing and joining in to play worth it.

Check out the photos of the event below!

Photo taken by Jamaica Popejoy

Photo taken by Jamaica Popejoy

All in all it was both entertaining and encouraging to watch the different GMs work in their elements and weave very different adventures (one of which interestingly enough ended up with a player transforming into a whale to crush a dragon… because why not!). It was also fun to be able to help tabulate the scores based on player feedback. The scores were close, reflecting the enthusiasm and determination of the Game Masters.

As always though, when it comes to a competition, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! This year’s winner was Preston Jarvis who reveled in his Game Master epicness!


Were you at the D&D Game Master Throwdown? Let us know in the comments!

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