Playing Dirty, Daredevil eps 5-7

Daredevil-Season-1-Episode-6-Television-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLOHi Readers,
What can I say other than Daredevil continues to be awesome as I get to the midpoint of the first season. So far the only downside is the fact that once I finish it I have to wait a year to watch more of it. Keeping a slow pace is increasingly difficult, not only because it’s fun to watch, but because it excels at making sense out of previous storytelling chaos.

Let’s start with a brief recap of episodes 5-7 before diving into an explanation of why I loved them, and making comparisons to other comic based adaptations.

DD11Daredevil_Wilson_and_Vanessa2-600x338In episodes five and six (World on Fire and Condemned, respectively) we focus primarily on Fisk’s actions of blowing up several locations which were headquarters for the Russians. Daredevil is able to save the remaining brother, at least briefly in a warehouse, and discuss with him after Russianmuch negotiating (and by negotiating I mean alternating between pleading and fighting) a way to get to Fisk, with the Russian finally Owleslygiving up Fisk’s money man, Leland Owlsley. During all of this, before the Russian goes out in a blaze of glory, Fisk decides to brilliantly play dirty, by having three police officers shot, and having the media paint the masked vigilante as the shooter. It was fantastic, depressing but fantastic.

daredevil_6_framedWhy was it so fantastic? Because it made sense. I can still recall that ridiculous moment in the Dark Knight trilogy when Batman, for no reason whatsoever was blamed for Harvey Dent’s death when it could have easily been attributed to the Joker, and the city then would not have turned against Batman. With Daredevil, Fisk created an event that would turn the people of Hells Kitchen against him.

Daredevil-107Now Matt Murdock has a lot of things to deal with by the time that episode seven rolls around, and in episode seven we get a glimpse at where he got his training and at least some of his baggage, because in episode seven, we meet Stick! Now in general I like Stick in that he tells it like it is, and definitely helped Matt get tougher. However, his passive aggressive tactics when he senses too much of a connection was a bit rough to watch. That being said, considering most of the time its only female superheroes that get emotional it was refreshing and honest to see Matt both as a kid and a grown man displaying emotional pain like that.

daredevil-blkskyOn the plot side of things, I don’t understand where things are going, but I loved the brief introduction of Black Sky, and whoever Stick was talking to at the end of the episode, because of what it may mean supernaturally for the series, daredevil-stick-imagebecause if Stick was honest (which I think he was because otherwise Black Sky wouldn’t have been referred to as a weapon) then we’re getting into some non-human aspects of power grabs and crime fighting, which I think if well done will expand the story in exciting ways.

Now for Foggy and Karen’s development, it’s clear he’s crazy into her, but she’s definitely into Matt, so I’m not completely sure where this is going, and I’m again glad that I’ve not read the comics because I’ve no idea how it’ll end up, and I’m not really committed to either relationship working out, I just hope it doesn’t cause unnecessary drama. Some potential drama has already been avoided though with Karen including Foggy in her work with Urich.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for these episodes, onto binging a few more!

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