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Hello all my 4 readers! No doubt you’ve missed this blog over the holidays! Since the holidays are a crazy time, and I’ve some catching up to do I thought I’d break the ice with something a bit different. I finally saw a few re-boots of popular franchises and thought I’d put down some thoughts at the prompting of my most loyal reader and blog designer. So in order of how well, in my opinion, each reboot was executed, and how it affected its respective franchise we begin!

X-Men: First ClassThey're looking for the awesome plot we never got... They’re looking for the awesome plot we never got…
Classic example of what happens when there are several re-writes and an attempt to align continuity with both the source material and previously produced franchise films. That being said I think it did ok, but didn’t wow me, and I wanted “WOW”. Some how it felt like origin story of it all, was well…lost in the story, unlike my #1 choice below.
When it came to Charles by the end I didn’t really care how he ended up in the wheel chair, because I’d lost interest in him becoming Professor X (also when he is actually paralyzed on the beach somehow the dialogue didn’t work, you’d think he’d have shouted about not feeling his legs 1st).
When it came to Shaw I didn’t care that he’d been a Nazi (so had Christoph Watlz, and I love him), or what his goals were, what could have been in interesting and fantastic (emphasis on fantasy lol) look at what incidents cause by mutants led to/enhanced the Cold War behind the scenes just somehow didn’t hit home.
For Mystique…maybe her dialogue just seemed to forced…Mutant and proud? I’m fine with mutants being proud, but they seem too mainstream if they have a slogan.

Oppressed Jew, or English Spy, don't we love when he kills Nazis?

Oppressed Jew, or English Spy, don’t we love when he kills Nazis?

And for Erik, I’ll take anything that gets me Fassbender speaking a foreign language, or well, just plain speaking. The way he handles dialogue and a tense scene is well WUNDERBAR!
However when it came to Magneto well it just seemed cheesey that the point between serenity and rage is…Chanukah? (Makes *some* sense considering the Maccabean rebellion-but I digress)
Anyway, overall it was just OK, and while I don’t think it boosted the franchise it didn’t kill it either, and as I’ve now read a few X-Men comics (specifically the Days of Future Past arc) I’m greatly looking forward Days of Future Past, even though I didn’t love this reboot.

The Hobbit

I was psyched for it and went to Tempe for the midnight showing in IMAX, totally worth it, especially for the posters!
ScreenHunter_48 Nov_ 28 15_58

So I’ll keep this brief, considering it’s not EXACTLY a reboot. Unless of course you’re a dwarf…I mean seriously, I spent almost the entire two hour ride home giggling with a friend about how the dwarves seemed to have gained or rather lost, (considering that the Hobbit is a prequel) at least + 3 sexterity! Hello Thorin, Kili and Fili!

That being said, while the dwarves can be…um distracting, they’re not a deterrent when it comes to the franchise, and at this point they’re are a key piece, they drive the plot, and add series (saga?) continuity.

It seems that Jackson has (for most fans) achieved a blancing act for both sets of films with the dwarves in terms of seriousness vs silliness. In LotR Gimli was often a source of comic relief whereas the band his father Gloin travelled with helped bring in the more adult atmosphere to the Hobbit. This in my opinion is great considering that The Hobbit was written as a children’s book, but as a film Jackson made it dark enough for grown-ups, so that it truly feels like it’s part of the same universe and palatable to all!

Also in terms of franchise continuity (totally didn’t need to see Frodo @ the beginning btw) I was irked at the assumed cash-grab when Jackson announced that there’d be not one, not two, but three films. Now after having watched the first film (the first 3 hour film mind you) I’m a bit more on the fence about it. I didn’t love Ratagast, but I did appreciate more elves and wizardry in general, and by expanding the story with the appendices as a viewer and casual fan of Middle Earth, I feel all the more that I’m being pulled into that world, instead of just observing it.

So all of that being said, out of the three this takes silver (sorry dwarves, you might get gold when you slay Smaug for his wicked desolation).

Star Trek

Even more AWESOME than even I expected!

Even more AWESOME than even I expected!

It’s safe to say as a one time Federation nay-sayer, that I am boldly going where I’ve NEVER gone before.

Why? Having only seen 1 ep of original series (Trouble with Tribbles)

Aren't they cute!

Aren’t they cute!

I was able to pick up on and enjoy the entire film, with all the awesome little tidbits thrown in for the characters, and Star Trek in general, loved the fantastic Red-Shirt parachute death, thought I saw it coming…but not quite like that! I think (unlikely that I’ll feel this way about Days of Future past) that the way they handled creating the alternate timeline (something Damon Lindelof handles well by the way) was effective first in creating an opportunity for an amazing story, and as a way to set this film apart, while still framing it within the Star Trek Universe.
I found that the movie (which I expected to be cheesey) delivered well on the emotional side as well and that the character development for Spock and Kirk was realistic. The action was fun, the tension was tense and I quite frankly have no complaints, which is probably why my #1 reboot section is so short.

Hope you all enjoyed reading, let me know what you think and stay tuned for some show related blogs again!

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