Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards

posterHello Readers,

It feels like forever since we spent any time with our favorite corrupt politician, Francis Underwood.

I mean sure, we could all rewatch season one of House of Cards, but binging comes at price. Last year when I watched House of Cards, I finished the whole series within a week. Now that’s certainly slow by some TV binge standards, and while I never forgot the key plays or players, watching this recap, it feels like so much was lost in the shuffle.

So, being fully caught up I spent my Valentine’s Day beginning a deliberately slower paced watch of the show. While it may mean avoiding certain hastags, and tiptoeing around certain areas of the internet, I’ll take my chances, so that I can treat each episode like the delicious morsel that it is! And to be honest, after the first episode, even with its out of nowhere shocker (read my review of it here, but warning spoilers), I can say that I definitely think that being able to take in every detail in a show where details can mean everything, that it’ll be worth the wait.

So, have you started House of Cards season two yet, and will you be binging like most fans, or taking your time? let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Why I’m refusing to binge on House of Cards

  1. I binged the first 7 episodes on Friday and just watched 8 and 9 tonight. I know exactly what you mean. The choices are hard, savor each episode or binge and lose some of the nuanced content, I say this with Frank like voice in my head 😀

    • I feel like even after 1 episode I’m hearing Frank’s voice in my head as I make decisions, glad I’m not the only one, lol.

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