What You Need To Remember About Fan Fest This Friday!

Fan Fest logoHey Readers,

If you haven’t heard about Phoenix Comicon’s second convention this year, Fan Fest, here’s one more chance to get all of the details about the event, and some financial information to keep in mind if attending.

So, for starters, what’s Fan Fest? In short, it’s a new (hopefully annual event) hosted by the same team that runs Phoenix Comicon every year. Fan Fest is being hosted in December in response to the repeated request PhxCC has received for a convention to take place during the winter, which is certainly a more pleasant time of year to be in Phoenix.

Fan Fest is not surprisingly going to be smaller than Phoenix Comicon (which had nearly 78,000 attendees), however that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth checking out. It’ll have a heavier focus on artists, writers and exhibitors rather than movie/television or related media stars. All of the folks that will be there though are listed on their site, and it’s an extensive lineup! What’s awesome though is Convention Director Matt Solberg has been incredib;y transparent and upfront about what attendees can expect from Fan Fest, and how Phoenix Comicon hopes to see it grow.

Rather than being hosted at the Phoenix Convention Center, it will be at the University of Phoenix Stadium, which is out on the West end of the valley. The decision to be hosted here was made both for the convention itself and for attendees, as both space and hotels are more expensive in Phoenix during the winter, and having the event here was more economical for everyone.

Finally, on to some of the financial information. Fan Fest will be CASHLESS, meaning if you plan to attend and purchase a membership onsite, you must have a credit or debit card to do so, as NO cash will be accepted. The organization also made the decision to announce that membership would be capped and single day memberships would be unlisted from their site as they ran out, but as of this post, all days and Full Event passes are still all available. As far as pricing goes, it’s completely in line with industry standards, and as of the 12th is:

Full Event: $50.00
Friday: $15.00
Saturday: $35.00
Sunday: $25.00

However one thing that’s new is the opportunity to purchase a Phoenix Fast Pass. The Fast pass is essentially double the price of a Full Event pass ($50.00 as of December 12th), at $99.00, however it not only includes the full weekend, but offers “dedicated line access for autographs and photo opportunities”. This, like Fan Fest in general was offered in response to several attendees sharing their opinions in the post-convention survey each year.

So, will you be attending Fan Fest? If so, what are you most excited about?

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