So Satisfying. Mad Men, season seven, episode 11

mad-men-episode-711-don-hamm-935-3Hi Readers,

As I get down to the wire trying to ensure that I’m all caught up by the finale tomorrow I must say that I wish I had time to rewatch and savor every moment in the episode “Time & Life”, because every scene had something to love.

Mad-Men-Phone-2Before we dive into the meat of things, you know, the whole McCann is absorbing the comapny, let’s take what I assume is a last look at Lou Avery, you know the guy who had Don’s job for a while, and no one liked him? Well I’d forgotten about Lou. Thankfully though Mad Men did not, and we learned that he’s about to live the dream and have his comic made into a cartoon, by the people that made Speed Racer!

Now, I honestly would have been fine never getting that last scene, but I was glad that I’ll never have to look back and go “Hey, what happened to Lou?!?!” now I know.

KenPetes7e11Lou seems to be one of only two people who have worked for Sterling Cooper that is taking the absorption well, considering it’s an opportunity to move on. The other is Ken. Oh Ken, how I love Ken. How disappointed I was inĀ episode 8, when he decided to be the client for DOW. However, this episode gave viewers what I think we all wanted to see, Ken giving Pete hell. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Pete and Roger though, when Ken said no.

Speaking of Pete, he (and I never thought I’d blog the following words) amazed me! No seriously. Everything Pete did was admirable. It was admirable how he tried with Ken. It was admirable when he first went to bat for Tammy to get into the school, and it was outstanding when he punched the principal, over a stupid old feud. Then is was again admirable when he got his ex-father-in-law’s account again. Out of all of this though, the moment of Pete’s I loved the most was when he took time with Peggy to let her know what was coming. After all their ups and downs, to see them have a moment like that was beautiful.

mad-men-episode-711-peggy-moss-935Speaking of Peggy, I think it’s great that she’s already trying to move on from McCann if she can. As a woman with a rare career like hers in that time, she can’t afford to wait and hope things turn out all right.



I also loved the honest moment she shared with Rizzo (UGH, why can’t they just end up together?) about being a woman, having children and balancing it with work. Peggy has made very difficult choices, and she deserves the best possible outcome for having had to make them.

mad-men-episode-711-don-hamm-935-4Speaking of women and how tough things are for them, I, like Joan noticed that no companies were named for her as future clients. It was only the men in the room, and her cold quiet fury discussing it later was justified. She’s also worked hard and made tough choices, so I find myself hoping that Joan gets a satisfying ending as well.

Moving on to Don and Roger. I think that they made a valiant effort in trying to keep the company from being absorbed, and taking everything out west, however it was a bit like Game of Thrones, when Tyrion asks for “Trial by combat” a second time, and as much as you want a win, there’s that part of you going “nah, this isn’t happening twice”. And sure enough, they were stuck having to face the music and roll with the punches. The hardest hit though was when Roger tried to reassure the employees, who wouldn’t quiet down, or stay put.

“Time & Life” is, at this point my favorite episode of season seven, and will definitely make my top three of all time. It was well written, made me feel so many things, and for the first time in 7B pushed things to the end, without simply reminding us that an end was coming.

Now, on to episode 12!

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