Saving Bullets, The Walking Dead, Season 5 ep 3

GeeklyPressTWDs5e3_Gareth1Hi Readers,

There a few things I like less than being behind on my favorite currently-airing television series, however those less likable things were in what was one of the less eventful episodes of the season. There were some things I did like about the episode though, and to get through it quickly, so that I can move on to the next episode I’ll be using bullets, err… well bullet points, let’s go!

  • The first point, and these aren’t really in a particular order, is that other than some nice tense moments in the church, while Team Terminus was ready to slaughter everyone we love, it wasn’t a terribly exciting episode.

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  • Speaking of Team Terminus. I’m happy that we saw them go. They were dreadful, awful people, who never HAD to try and make cannibalism a mainstream survival technique. The one downside to their demise was that the curious part of me (which would love to hear lectures by Dr. Eugene Porter, were he a real person) wanted to know if there were any lasting side effects from eating “Tainted meat”. Alas, thanks to Rick’s swift actions, we’ll never know.

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  • Speaking of Rick’s swift actions, they were awesome and effective. Glenn and Maggie’s reaction was a tad annoying though. I mean I can kind of understand the cowardly priest’s reaction to what happened in his church, but Glenn and Maggie looked disgusted by Rick’s and the other’s actions, and yet it was practical (saving bullets was awesome) and fairly merciful, all things in this peril filled world considered.
  • So it’s not surprising that they were even willing to go with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, before things got gruesome, and of course it’s not surprising that they held up their end of things. What was surprising (and SUPER PLEASANTLY surprising at that) was that for the first time in the series, our group is splitting, but there’s at least an effort to discuss a known rendezvous point, and have a map to get there.
  • As for the note, it simply affirms that while Rick has had to make some tough choices, he’s always made the sensible ones (except for when he went a bit nuts after Lori died… but who wouldn’t), and would be effective in rebuilding society.GeeklyPressTWDs5e3_Map_NoteGeeklyPressTWDs5e3_Daryl
  • Oh, and Daryl’s back. Hooray!!!!! Obviously he’ll be needed in the new world as well.
  • By this point you must be thinking “What About Bob” (and if you don’t get that reference, then you don’t love Bill Murray enough)…. well Bob won’t be needed in the new world, he died. It was very nice, and kinda sweet that everyone got to say goodbye, but that’s about it. GeeklyPressTWDs5e3_Bye_Bob





And, that’s about it for the episode as a whole, on to the next, where we’ll hopefully learn everything about where Beth’s been this whole time.

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