SDCC 2014, Supernatural Sunday!

Hi Readers,
One of my SDCC highlights was the Supernatural panel.

IMG_5229 It was fun, funny, and as season ten may be the show’s final, it was by far the one panel most worth sleeping in line for!
(I’m on the 10580074_10204346344120635_5363318730242745889_nleft- *enjoying*  2-3 hours of sleep camping under the tents)


Now, on to the panel itself, which I am pleased to say, did not disappoint, and repeat that it was worth the sleep deprivation and the wait! *Note spoilers about Season 9 below*

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Consider those pictures your spoiler buffer!

The panel kicked things off by introducing the guests, with a somewhat baffled and irked Mark Sheppard, who noticed that all the other cast members had Funko dolls in their characters’ likenesses. This was taken care of when a hasty makeshift was created with a coffee cup, two stirrers, and aluminum foil. Throughout the panel Mark was very protective of his new friend.

We of course got “The Road So Far” reel, catching up the audience on Kevin’s demise and Demon Dean.

Then the moderator asked a few questions about what it’s like on the show, and characters dying. Jensen responded by pointing out that actually when it comes to characters returning, they have a better shot at it if they’ve actually died, which resulted in several audience members shouting “BRING BACK KEVIN”. There were also, as usual a few questions revolving around what to expect this season, all of which getting the usual round about answers.

This is her, in the Hall H line (more pics will be in the cosplay gallery)

This is her, in the Hall H line (more pics will be in the cosplay gallery)

When it came time for the audience Q&A, I have to start by saying I was ridiculously strategic in where I sat, sacrificing a great mid-section seat with friends, to be seated as physically close to the Q&A line as possible. My hard work paid off, and though I was first in line, I actually went third, for two very cool reasons.

The first of which was a Cas cosplayer was there, with the best pair of wings I’ve ever seen on anyone. I had spoken to her before the panel, and knew that she also wanted to ask a question, and had let her know that if I was first in line, I had no problem with her going ahead of me (thankfully neither did the other girls in line).

After the panelist expressed how wowed they were by the wings (with Misha Collins commenting on how they’d talked about doing something like that on the show but couldn’t because of budget), Mark Sheppard jokingly asked “so who’d you come as”. Playing along she said she was dressed as Dean, and then proceeded to say her question was for Misha (with Jared saying “No?!?!?” as sarcastically as possible, and the audience chuckling). Her question boiled down to whether or not there was a possibility for Cas to either have some kind of Constantine crossover, or a spinoff. Misha responded by saying he’d love a spinoff, if it would star Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, to much cheering from the audience.

Now as “Cas” had gone up to ask her question, I had politely been told by one of those managing the line that I technically couldn’t go next, because the studio had brought someone in. IMG_5204That someone approached the mic in a costume that covered them from head to toe, and when the mask needed to come off so the individual could use the mic, it turned out to be none other than Osric Chau! The other actors asked about his costume (which is from a video game… don’t ask me which though), and Jensen mentioned he could have saved time and energy, by “just coming as Kevin Tran”, Osric asked the question the audience hoped for which was “When are you bringing Kevin back?!?!”

Before the panelists could answer the audience cheered and applauded A LOT! So, despite the panelists saying little more than basically anything could happen, hopefully it’s a sure bet that we’ll be able to see Kevin again in some form or another.

By the time it got to me at the mic, I couldn’t help but feel a tad underwhelming having not only to follow the winged wonder, but an actor from the show. That being said I opened by saying I had no wings because I’d “lost my grace”, which after a mild chuckle from the audience I felt less underwhelming. I asked, referencing season 9 when Sam mentions Dean’s bucket list, what would be on each of their characters’ bucket lists. Jared Padalecki said his bucket list would be ten more seasons of Supernatural, with Misha Collins stating “not dying” would be on Cas’.

Most of the rest of the Q&A was pretty standard, but my favorite question turned out great, because the actors played into it, was if their character were on a dating website, what would their profile say? Below are the answers:

Jared Padalecki – as himself: explained how Sam’s never had good luck with girls, and how his girlfriends always end up hurt… or dead “So I think my profile would have to say something about them having to sign an affidavit”

Misha Collins – as himself:  “I think Cas would have to have a disclosure or something about personal space.” then as Cas, (turning to Jared) “What are your interests” and then he leaned in super close and awkward.

Jensen Ackles- as Dean: “Rolling through town. No Strings attached. Interested?” His answer received much screaming from all the ladies in the room… and rightly so!

That being said Mark Sheppard as Crowley may have had the best answer, as he leaned into the mic, and just a Crowley would said: “Hello girls!” In the same way that Crowley always greets the Winchesters.

Finally the panel wrapped with the gag reel (which was hilarious as always), and Jensen Ackles offered a very heartfelt thanks to fans there.IMG_5361

And this is part of why I love the show… because the actors love their fans back!

Any thoughts on the Supernatural panel? Sound off in the comments!

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