Shock and Awe, Daredevil, eps 11-12

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I’m one episode from the finale of Daredevil, and while I could have simply pushed through and do one post per 3 eps, like the others, I thought I’d take a minute to post this. Both because I have a feeling that the finale like the premiere will need its own post, and the last two episodes certainly merit a moment of their own.

Where to begin. Well let’s just take things in order shall we. As of my last post we still didn’t know who was behind the poisoning of Vanessa and others at the dinner, and Wesley found out from Fisk’s mother that someone had visited. Now, let’s look at what wasn’t shocking. I’m not shocked that it was Madam Gao (though I was a wee bit surprised at her supernatural abilities, and hint at her home not being of this world). I’m also not shocked that Wesley died… well to be fair I’m a little surprised. I thought he’d be a major player for a while.

daredevil_11_smokedWhat was truly shocking this episode though was the fact that Karen shot Wesley. And not just that she shot him, the fact that unloaded the gun, with decent grouping. Clearly she’s a force not to mess with, and one that has been previously underestimated.daredevil-avis-12-episode-580x328


The awe part of this post though is all about Ben Urich. I was literally in awe when Fisk killed him. Like Wesley I assumed that he’d be around for quite a while. What this did do though was develop a pattern. Fisk is clearly a hands off guy unless the thing that upsets him is tied to those he daredevil-season-1-12-the-ones-we-leave-behind-kingpin-kills-ben-urich-strangles-vondie-curtis-hall-vinent-donofrio-review-episode-guide-listpersonally cares about. The Russian who lost his head was killed after he embarrassed Fisk on his date. The guard that let Wesley go alone almost dies, and Ben, well Ben was brave and told Fisk that no one was with him when he visited Fisk’s mothers, meaning that unless Fisk has cause to question his mother again, Karen’s off the hook.

One thing of mild interest is the fact that Fisk’s mom remembered Karen to Wesley, and Ben to Fisk. And if she ever mentions Karen who knows what’ll happen, though I now have a feeling that Karen will be more able to handle Fisk than I would have previously expected.

daredevil-the-path-of-the-righteous-daredevil-vs-melvin-potterOh and with my memory being little better than Fisk’s mom, I just remembered the guy Matt’s using to get a suit made. I was actually shocked to see his temporary amnesia and personality change. It made him one of the most sympathetic henchmen I’ve ever seen.

On to the Finale!

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