Spanish 101, Justified S5e8

justified-05mar14Hi Readers,
While still working to get caught up on Justified, I’d thought I’d throw down a few thoughts on episode 8 Whistle Past the Graveyard. In general not a ton happened, that was too unexpected, and oddly enough (while still an enjoyable episode) the least predictable parts of it, were also the least interesting.

Normally I’d go from least to most interesting, but I think that this post might flow a bit better, if I just ramble.

28543366_justified-08-whistle-past-the-graveyard-3.pngIn terms of Ava, I feel bad that she essentially let her shoulder get pulled out of its socket for what might end up being Judith_infoboxsomething that she can’t deliver on, and if that’s the case, things are not going to go well with Judith.  And Ava has no clue about Boyd’s issues going on in Mexico, so even if she has succeeded in getting drugs into the prison, she’ll still need the drugs.

600px-JustS5E08_11For all of Boyd’s hard work in outsmarting Johnny (who I’m still bummed about being killed). It may have been pointless when some Federales essentially got to walk away with the truck, if of course Boyd hadn’t outsmarted them as well, in putting the drugs in another vehicle.

It all could have definitely been pointless, considering Daryl was trying to outsmart Boyd, as he offered to help get the drugs across the border, though the help of a friend. Thankfully though, as we saw earlier in the episode, Jimmy speaks Spanish and overheard two guys who work for Daryl’s friend, referring to Daryl as the one in charge. When will people learn that it’s impossible to outsmart Boyd?

a-missing-crowe.jpg.pagespeed.ce.WnvBtPDWD5Except for maybe Raylan, who got the boring part of the episode. He was busy helping Wendy track down Kendal who was sort of kidnapped by his father… oh and Wendy’s Kendal’s mother. As Raylan even pointed out himself a couple times, none of this was really very interesting. What was mildly worthwhile out of all of it though, in exchange for Raylan’s help Wendy did end up revealing that Daryl was helping Boyd with something, so now Raylan can of course keep a closer eye on him.

And I’ll be keeping a closer watch on this show if I’m to be caught up by the finale!

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