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helix_2560x1450_1280x725_97420355776Hi Readers,

This post is a bit different. It involves a call to action. Any of you that follow this blog know that one of the shows we cover is Syfy’s Helix, through our weekly What the Helix Podcast.

The show is nine episodes into its first season, and is one of the best new shows out there. Despite the community that has developed on social media (especially twitter, where the show’s fabulous actors are very gracious with their time and tweets), we’ve yet to get any confirmation that Helix is spreading beyond season one.

RhysJamesHelixBannerPart of the surprise is that the contagion that is the Helix fanbase is spreading, with amazing artwork popping up by  artists like Rhys James (who you can follow on twitter @ElectricRhys),

topen letters to SyFy by bloggers, , who like myself, would much rather have a second season of Helix than Sharknado 2, there’s a desire to see this show go the distance.

While we’ve gotten statements from producer Steven Maeda that he’s

“cautiously optimistic on a Season 2 pickup”

as a fan I’m not so sure. Do I think it deserves a second season, definitely, but so did everyone who ever watched Firefly.

And Megwun Fairbrother who plays Daniel (aka Miksa) and his twin brother Tulok, has said in regards to the open letter:


So here’s what I’m asking, if you love #Helix do a few things:

PeterVectorAwakeFirst, watch it, as close to live as possible. Second share that you’re watching it, overuse hashtags (especially #HELIX) to get your point across, and third, behave like a vector,and share your love and enthusiasm for the show with everyone you come in contact with!!!

Think of how awesome a second season of this would be! Because trust me, it would definitely be awesome.

If you don’t believe just take a look at all the love for a second season coming from www.renewhelix.com, and make sure to add #RenewHelix to the hashtag campaign to keep this show going!

Till then, Keep Calm and Carry On.

#HELIX #RenewHelix

3 thoughts on “Spreading Helix

  1. I will RT and #tag as much as i can. Im in the UK and on twitter @BellapinkBowen. So i will do my best for the greatest TV show #Helix. Xxxxxxxx

  2. No offence, but you need to fix this in your post: @EliectricRhys = @ElectricRhys.

    Also, in the spirit of not trying to offend, why is everyone so convinced there’s a need to demand that SyFy tell us NOW that there will be a second Helix season?
    Yes, of course we want a #Season2 but there has been no indication that #SyFyTV won’t go forward with one.
    As you know, the measurement of success is quite different on a cable network like SyFy (US) or Showcase (CA).
    Unlike say ‘Almost Human’ at the non-cable FOX network, whose ratings have been “on the bubble,” and there’s a 50-50 chance of cancellation, we know nothing of the sort about #Helix.
    Personally, I’d prefer to have a reason other than “I wanna know NOW” to make noise about Helix being renewed. It is still early in the process by cable standards for a first season show.
    When I get some solid information from someone who is a representative of NBC-Universal (SyFy’s parent company) that the show is not being renewed I will do more than I’m doing now, including address that specific entity. For now, I blog about the show each week, I tweet and retweet and I interact with other Helix fans.
    Most importantly IMO, I do more than “try” to watch the show in real time. I always watch it in real time because I know that that is an important measurement of the show’s success.



  3. Bueno, ahora sabemos que hay segunda temporada. Pero el misterio continúa hasta el 16 sobre el retorno de algunos personajes.

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