Staying up for Sherlock Part 2 SPOILERS Recap The Lying Detective

s_s4_e2_therapistHey Readers,

Last night, things on Sherlock seemed to be wrapped in such a neat little bow… until they weren’t. As with last week, read no further, unless you’ve watched season four’s second episode The Lying Detective.

s_s4_e2_euros_smileNow, where was I? Yes, the ending of last night’s Sherlock. I LOVED IT. Let me repeat myself I LOVED IT. The episode as a whole was fabulous. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this was the best “mid-season” episode of Sherlock by far.

The back and forth between Toby Jones’ Culverton Smith and Sherlock seemed like typical villainy until Sherlock realized that he’d not actually met Smith’s daughter before.


At that point it was only a question (at least in my head) of “Why would Culverton hire someone to pique Sherlock’s interest like that?” (I never doubted the actual encounter, though my husband did). I assumed that it was simply Smith wanting to get Sherlock involved so that he could murder someone under the nose of the world famous detective.


And the scene in the morgue with Sherlock coming to grips with his own potential to be so obsessed and yet so wrong, followed by John taking out all of his misplaced guilt and sorrow on his best friend was fantastic.

s_s4_e2_sherlock_only_textingOh and we’re back to John. How do I feel about John, at least compared to last week? Well as Sherlock said “it was only texting”. However, even John knew that even if nothing “happened”, that deceitfully texting every time his wife wasn’t around, because the thought of another woman’s interest satisfied him,s_s4_e2_mary_john_cheated then it really wasn’t “only texting”. It was no more “only texting” than Sherlock and The Woman.

And even John knew that what he’d been doing was wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t have needed to confess to Sherlock and “Mary” (himself).

s_s4_e2_euros_flowerI mean, sure I guess technically it wasn’t the beginnings of an affair, but only because Bus Girl (and John’s new therapist) turned out to be Sherlock’s sister Euros Holmes. Now this could have been a shock without the entire Bus Girl issue, but what makes this all so fascinating, and what makes her so terrifying isn’t that it was a shocking twist (in a show that’s become a bit formulaic) it’s the way she was 10 steps ahead of everyone.

What really brought this whole episode together for me is, in The Six Thatchers Sherlock teasingly brags to Mary that (and I’m paraphrasing here), if all the variables are known, one can predict everyone else’s next move(s). What he demonstrated in this episode was with John, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, and Culverton Smith, was that he could predict their moves and be at least two-ish weeks ahead of them and their decisions.

s_s4_e2_hudson_mycroft_reptileSide note about Mrs. Hudson, WOW! She is such a BOSS. I was so sad that I was watching this live because I couldn’t pause the episode and spend an extra few seconds relishing the moment when told Mycroft “Get out my house, you reptile”

Anyway, back to the awesomeness of the episode. Sherlock can (when he really tries, and even when he’s high as a kite) be two steps ahead of the people he knows. The fact that Euros could be so far ahead of Sherlock and to know that once she got him hooked to the scent of Smith (how did she know all that by the way?!?!?!), that he’d lead everyone else along, shows a higher intelligence. Though her level of obsession and manipulation makes her a bit lower functioning of a sociopath.

s_s4_e2_cutherton_sherlock_hospitalSo, was there anything I didn’t like about the episode? Well, in a few ways Smith, though protected by power and money didn’t seem to be that much of an adversary for Sherlock. And I have mixed feelings about Mary’s “appearance” as John’s subconscious.


s_s4_e2_marySure, I like that we got more of her, but I would have preferred flashbacks or even a twist that she was still alive.



But we’re left with John having a renewed loyalty to Sherlock, who is about to (hopefully) meet an adversary who seems quite worthy of the game… a related adversary though… who Sherlock couldn’t recognize.s_s4_e2_sherlock_euros_therapist_john

Either they’ve been separated a long time, or Moffat has some explaining to do (and it better not be “Sherlock was too high to notice”, because he wasn’t too high to do anything else last night).

Thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment!



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