Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – Spoiler Free Review

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Sherlock is back, which means one thing for certain, I’m going to ¬†be exhausted on Mondays. What’s not certain though is how much I’ll love this season. If the premiere last night was going to be any indication it’s going to be a mixed bag… filled mostly with goodies. Now if you have watched it, here’s my spoiler¬†filled post up with details in a bit, but here’s the rundown on last night’s season four premiere The Six Thatchers.

The episode picks up right where season three left off. Sherlock is staying in London, and whether or not Moriarty is still out there is really anyone’s guess… though Sherlock is pretty certain that something is coming.

While most of the episode follows the typical case-of-the-week format where a mystery is only solved because Sherlock was just a bit cleverer than the villain it did deviate in that throughout the episode and at the end viewers are reminded that Sherlock, while brilliant is not perfect. This may work out as a non issue by the end of the season though as perfection turns out to be something that nearly each character lacks.

Some of the ups of the episode were that there’s plenty of Sherlock and Mycroft interaction as well as plenty of Sherlock and Mary interaction. The witty back and forth of characters who have become predictable without becoming boring has always been one of the things I love about Sherlock, and this episode didn’t let me down.

What did let me down though was that some of the more standard elements of the show (namely the solving of the mystery) felt a bit underwhelming. But I guess after season three any standard mystery would.

For all of the things that I loved to hate about the episode, read my spoilers post, where I let out all of the feels that the show left me with.

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