Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – SPOILERS Recap

sherlockHello Readers,

If you haven’t seen the season four premiere of Sherlock, then may I suggest you take a look at my spoiler free review, to get an idea of what to expect from a Sherlock opener. If you have seen the episode, then read on.

Ok, if you’re sure at this point you want to read on…

s_s4_e1_aquarium_sherlock_reactionI hated this episode! And I loved how much I hated it. Mystery wise it was about as boring as they come, and in terms of Mary’s death it wouldn’t have felt half so traumatizing if not for John.

Oh how i hate John right now. I don’t just hate John right now for what he may or may not have done to Mary (I’m leaning on did) I hate him for what he did to everyone. Mary, Sherlock, and the viewers.

Now as I mentioned in my spoiler free post, not one character is perfect. Mary was an assassin, Sherlock and Mycroft don’t do people, Molly is too sweet for her own good, and Lestrade is a Chief Inspector who needs someone to solve his cases. Their flaws make these characters human and I love it.

sub-buzz-329-1483308602-1What I don’t love is Watson. Watson isn’t known for his brilliance, he’s known for his loyalty. Watson, who always directs Sherlock to not just tolerate, but consider others. Sherlock wouldn’t have grown to being half as considerate of other people (even if they are boring or annoying) without Watson there. Watson who was there by the way, because of how LOYAL he is. Not any more though. Now I’d rather take the balloon over him!

sub-buzz-31527-1483309441-1Because, for Watson, a husband and new father to even keep the number of a pretty stranger on a bus was wretched to watch. He wasn’t exhibiting a character flaw that makes him human, he was exhibiting a level of idiocy and inconsideration that I thought his character was above.

s_s4_e1_aquarium_john_mary2For Mary to die telling John that “Being Mary Watson was the only life worth living” after he cheated on her (and yeah, I’m assuming he did considering he was face to face with “Bus-Girl” after sending a message that he wasn’t “free”) was gut wrenching.


I guess it’s nice to know that Mary’s last words will probably haunt John forever and I’m ok with that.

sub-buzz-6106-1483310356-1What I’m also ok with is how the episode ended with Mary getting the last word. I think that there’s more to “Save John Watson” than just Sherlock having to comfort his friend emotionally (though that in and of itself might be the toughest thing for Sherlock considering how impossible it is for him to emotionally connect with others). And it doesn’t help that John wants nothing to do with him. I also think “Go to Hell Sherlock” is also a clue, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Though that just makes me hate John a tiny bit more. Yes, Sherlock made a vow to keep Mary safe, but REALLY?!?!? Like her former life didn’t come with a likely bullet at some point? I mean I’m sad to see Mary go, but I don’t blame anyone other than Vivian Norberry. Besides, this is the exact thing that Mary tried to spare John of, a bullet for herself or for someone she cared about.

sub-buzz-5399-1483309829-1Speaking of making VOWS it’s not like John didn’t make one to Mary to you know… be her husband and forsake all others.

It was incredibly heartbreaking for things to end that way, considering the lengths Sherlock and Watson went to to track Mary down. screen_shot_2017_01_01_at_3-27-40_pm

When Sherlock fessed up to only knowing where Mary was because of a tracker that John had recommended placing in the flash drive I felt so warm and fuzzy and thought that they’d be able to make it all work somehow.

But no. Instead the episode (and the original books) killed off a character I loved, while transforming Watson (a character I’d also loved) into someone I can’t stand right now. Here’s to hoping that in the next couple episodes we get something more to “Save John Watson” (even though I don’t think he deserves it), s_s4_e1_bus_girland as much as I hate the idea of John starting over quickly with someone else (looking at you bus-girl) I hope that her appearances in this episode weren’t just feels fodder for Mary’s death.

Did you love the episode? Did you hate John? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Staying up for Sherlock Season 4 Part 1 The Six Thatchers – SPOILERS Recap

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  2. After watching the episode, Dan and I had a long debate about it. I did not like it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t like, if that makes any sense.

    I feel like they missed a huge opportunity to really explore how the “Mary is a secret spy” reveal and how that affects their lives. Ignoring the mess that was ‘The Abominable Bride’, we only found out LAST EPISODE that Mary was a spy. It was hinted at here and there, but clearly John still had a lot of feelings about that betrayal. He had been dealing with them and with her for months, but most of that was skipped over.

    While I don’t hate the “let’s be faithful to the books and kill Mary” argument, I think it could have been with equal or more resonance if they had waiting an episode.

    • I think it makes total sense to enjoy it (and other movies/shows) while not liking it. I agree that they could have done more with Mary’s background and John’s relationship with her. I’m hoping that there may be some flashbacks in upcoming episodes, but I don’t know that if I rewatch the season at a later date that flashbacks would do this any good.

  3. Your point that John’s over-arching character trait is loyalty is an interesting one that I’m still mulling on. At the moment, though, my frustration and rage at Moffat is all about Mary’s death being used as the motivating plot point for Sherlock and John’s character development. He took their most developed female character and got rid of her in a way that wasn’t necessary to the plot line otherwise. It’s fridging if I ever saw it.

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