Staying True, Game of Thrones Season 5 ep 1

Gameofthrones-season5_posterHi Readers,

So it took a while to get to this blog, primarily because despite how exciting Game of Thrones is,either in print or on screen, this opener felt like it was all about reminding us who’s who and was, as a result, all in all relatively uneventful.


game-of-thrones-season-5-nikolaj-coster-waldau-lena-headey-photo-helen-sloan-courtesy-of-hboCersei is upset that Jaime set Tyrion free, and is beginning to unravel when it comes to her paranoia about Margaery (a paranoia that we didn’t need flashbacks to understand). Speaking of Tyrion, our favorite Lannister is now a world away with Varys who’s scheming, as Varys only can. But at least now Varys is being open about who he’s scheming for, Danaerys Targaryan.

game-of-thrones-season-5-premiere-131005However Dany has problems of her own, what with ruling Mereen and dealing with disobedient dragons. When it comes to the violence in the streets and against her eunichs, along with the political pressures to reopen the fighting pits I (despite having sentiments similar to hers) feel like she should be aware that when she decided to rule she should have been aware that there would be headaches like these.

jon-snow-and-mance-rayder-game-of-thrones-s5e1Speaking of headaches, John Snow is stuck between a Wall and a hard place when it comes to dealing with Stannis, and Mance Rayder. I truly don’t understand why Stannis thought it would be that easy to convince Mance to kneel, but I also don’t understand (spoiler alert for non book readers here) why we got no indication in the show as we did in the book that it wasn’t Mance, but Rattleshirt burning, glamored by Melisandre’s powers, unless of course they’ve actually killed of Mance entirely.

GoT-s05e01-screenshots6But you know what can’t be killed? Pod’s spirit, despite the crushing blow to their mission of finding the Stark girl’s last season, and Brienne’s brooding, you gotta love Pod’s insistence to Brienne that they press on, and search for Sansa.

imagesFinally getting to Sansa’s storyline, it was so frustrating to see her and Littlefinger passing an unaware Brienne and Pod in a carriage, but the best part of her storyline was the removal of Little Robin (Robert in the books) from the picture, hopefully for good. He was the only character that irritated me more than Joffrey, yes more than Joffrey. So wherever Sansa’s storyline goes I’m sure that this is one deviation from the books (which this season is supposed to have a lot of) that I’ll love.

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