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DeppHammThere have been a few stories floating out there this past week regarding the casting choice that Marvel may be making soon for Doctor Strange. The two actors that keeping popping up are Johnny Depp, and Jon Hamm. Now when I think of either of these actors I have strong opinions, but when I think of dr_strange_27360Doctor Strange I know very little. In a way that’s a good thing. Marvel has already done a good job in their casting choices (RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston… need I go on?) so I have faith that whomever they go with will be a decent fit for the role, but let’s examine the kind of Doctor Strange we might get, based on some basics about the character, and  depending on who may be cast.

StrangeGoogleSo first things first, I have no clue who will be cast, and at the time of this blog, as per Google, neither does the internet. Sources seem certain to state that it’s one of these actors, and not the other, but for now let’s pretend that each of them has a hat in the ring.

So here’s what I do know as a fan of both actors, each of them could bring a quality character to life in their own way.

When we get down to comparing the two though, being quality actors, with respective fan bases, and having monosyllabic last names that each end with a repeated consonant is where the similarities seem to run out.

jonhamm_2_652_article_story_mainWhen some one thinks of Jon Hamm, one almost instantly and typically thinks of hims as Don Draper in Mad Men. Hard, Mysterious, Charming, Determined. These are all words that someone would describe Don Draper as. When it comes to Jon Hamm himself, in some ways he seems just as mysterious, or tough to peg down. Let’s not forget that he was in Bridesmaids, has been hilarious on Saturday Night Live, and even randomly narrates stuff like this for Funny or Die. He clearly has a sense of humor, and after Mad Men’s final season (which begins this year), he’ll definitely have the time and opportunity to show the world that he can play more than just a surly, attractive, womanizing ad agent (by the way that’s a gross oversimplification of Don Draper).

edward-scissorhandsWhen it comes to Johnny Depp, two things come to mind, as quickly as the one for Hamm. Either Tim Burton, and Depp’s seemingly endless collaboration with him, going all the way back to Edward Scisorhands (love that movie), about a man who can never get close enough to really touch someone, lest he injure them, captain-jack-sparrow-7OR perhaps my favorite pirate Captain Jack Sparrow! Captain Jack is a character that would be nothing without the man playing him.  And Johnny Depp has done everything in between. He’s done drama, comedy, and romance, and while yes, if you had to associate him with only one aspect I’d probably air on the side of playing eccentric characters for Tim Burton, he’s an actor that you cannot put in a box.

1068758-113_the_mystic_hands_of_dr__strange_02Marvel has always seemed to pick actors that fit their characters perfectly. I can’t think of another actor that would have been better for any of the Avengers, so let’s look at the shoes either actor would have to fill, and why Phase 3 makes sense.

To get the basics on Doctor Strange, Comic Vine  has the details, if you don’t have the comics.

Doctor Strange was a surgeon, that lost the use of his hands from nerve damage resulting from a car accident. Refusing to give up, he searches almost hopelessly for a cure, and meets the Ancient One who provides him with mystical powers. Now obviously there are more details than this, but I don’t want to give away his entire potential origin story AND his origin story may be changed for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.  Because Marvel has stayed pretty close to the basic details of their character’s origin stories when putting them on the silver screen, I think that these are the key things an actor will have to be able to bring to life.

They’d have to be able to show a skilled, proud and ambitious man, who loses his abilities and sense of purpose. Unwilling to give up he abandons traditional methods and society, and has a whole new world of possibility opened up to him

That means, pride, loss, tons of angst, and then awesomeness. Honestly I think either actor can pull off that story arc.

Another (though somewhat random) reason that regardless of who they pick that a Dr. Strange flick could be coming our way in Phase 3 is this tidbit about Dr. Strange, also according to Comic Vine thor-2-loki-smile-600x307

Initially tricked into conflict with each other by Loki, Thor and Doctor Strange also formed an early alliance to combat the god of mischief.

And Marvel has all but stated that as long as there was a real reason, there’s no problem bringing Loki back for more films.

So, what are your thoughts on who may be cast as Dr. Strange, as well as the plot possibilities, and how he may fit into Phase 3?

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