Stranger Things fans should go to Phoenix Fan Fest

Fan Fest 2016Hi Readers,

While it might seem like Summer is behind us, the Fall con season is right around the corner, what with Phoenix Fan Fest, Tucson Comic-Con and TusCon all within the next month-ish.tumblr_oay00gcixt1qm5glso1_400

So, what am I MOST looking forward to at Fan Fest this year? Well, even with Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Brett Dalton, I’m all upside down over the fact that both Millie Bobby Brown, and David Harbour of Netflix’s thrilling and nostalgia filled Stranger Things.

Now, if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, don’t read on… WAIT, you haven’t SEEN Stranger Things?!?!?! Go watch Stranger Things! BINGE IT! NOW!¬†gallery-1470736124-stranger-things-bike-chase-1300x650

If you HAVE seen Stranger Things, you should already have passes to Fan Fest… WAIT, you DON’T have passes for Fan Fest?!?!? Go GET passes to Fan Fest!



Now that we’re all on the same page, and happily traveling to Fan Fest with the same level of enthusiasm that Eleven has for Eggo’s, it’s time squee with all the ferocity¬†of a demogorgon!1470068583-4


Really that’s all this post is about. Me geeking out over the fact that I’ll get to see Eleven and Hopper in less than a month. All that’s left is to order my photo op and wait like Barb did for Nancy.

Too soon?!

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