Summer Reading from Phoenix Comicon Authors, Part 4 Beth Cato

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In my final of four author interviews, I spoke on Sunday with Beth Cato who’s just released the next in her Clockwork Dagger series.
What can you tell us about the Clockwork series that you wrote?

In The Clockwork Dagger, the dagger is inspired by a murder on the Orient Express… bits of a lot of different things my main character is a healer.. and I was obsessed with the healers and they’re always the sidekick and I Ioved the steampunk genre and it combines those

How did you go about creating this world?

It’s like a druidic faith, the world tree, the lady, and she can have powers by calling on the lady, but in her world steampunk is the science the new faith and shes looked down on for the faith, and its direct in a way, but I’m trying to keep something fresh.


Who or what inspired you to create the character Octavia Leander?

It all goes back to the final fantasy healers, and Final Fantasy IV. I’m an old school gamer, and I got into fantasy from Final Fantasy IV.

Did you have the entire series mapped out, or is it developing as you write?

I’m definitely a plotter and did a hefty outline first and I wanted the healing to be central, and I also wanted religion to be portrayed in a positive.


Finally, what do you want people to know about the book?

The readers tell me that thing that they love are the gremlins, they’re cute and hideous all at once and they love cheese and they steal peoples hearts and they have an even bigger role in the new book. It’s a duology with supplemental stories as ebooks through Harper Voyager.


So, will you be reading The Clockwork Dagger series? Let us know in the comments, and for more author recommendations see the other interviews with Phoenix Comicon Authors here.

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