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So if you’re in the U.S. rather than the U.K. then last Sunday was the premiere of Season 3 of Sherlock. If you’re in another country, then read no further, to avoid spoilers.

92753eb923babf02a08f15fa7bc7061cSo, in short, I was actually somewhat disappointed by the premiere of season three of Sherlock. Don’t get me wrong, I love the series. All of it! I love the actors, and the writing (especially the dialogue). And I even found myself loving Anderson more than I had in Season 1, though I think that started with Many Happy Returns

shleroAnyway, why did I feel like this episode fell short?

It certainly wasn’t the explanation(s) of how Sherlock survived The Reichenbach Fall, they were all awesome, yes even the one with the slash fanfiction, I could not stop laughing.The Empty Hearse 2


Though I won’t lie, the explanation that offered this for those of us that have shipped Molly and Sherlock since season one, was certainly exhilarating by comparison.

For details on how Sherlock did it though, you should definitely watch the episode, it’s much more fun.

emptyhearseAnyway, I think that I was somewhat disappointed looking back on the episode because it felt unbalanced between the personal aspects of the characters and the mystery needing to be solved. Now deep down out of the two I think that character development is much more important compared with plot. vlcsnap-2014-01-02-18h30m40s215

The problem though is that even though I think that John certainly deserved all of screen time that he got (for two reasons which I’ll mention), and that Sherlock certainly deserved every punch in the nose for basically letting John grieve and move on the way he did (especially since so many others were in on his “death”), where will the development from the characters go from here? tumblr_mysiquiim01s68o3jo3_250

If anything the character development feels a bit stunted. John was mad, Sherlock was Sherlock. Mycroft was superb at his special snarky superiority, while asking for help from his little brother? Now what?


I’m hoping that the infusion of two new characters will keep the development going though, first of which with Molly’s new boyfriend (who I don’t like, he’s not Sherlock therefore I don’t like him…) Anyway, the other new character which brings things back to John is his fiance.

John deserved the screen time I mentioned because it was important to see that he was in the process of moving on with his life and it was important to see his reaction to Sherlock’s return (including the loss of the mustache, I really didn’t like that mustache). But again, I come back to “Now What?”

jpegAfter solving the mystery, (which seemed so elementary you wonder why Mycroft ever went through the effort of getting Sherlock to figure it out), and then surviving because of the “switch” (no spoilers), it was kind of anticlimactic. I wish that they had worked on a more complex mystery, and let some dffc134c6e4340b6c094f8c8eefb1866of the character emotions, and John’s adjustment to Sherlock’s return take a bit longer. This is the same John Watson that had psychological “trust issues” and PTSD at the beginning of season one. I’m not saying he should be in denial, or never forgive Sherlock, but even after surviving the latest disaster with Sherlock, you’d think he’s be somewhat less accepting of this turn of events.

Anyway, those are my thoughts after watching The Empty Hearse, despite any criticisms, I’m thrilled that Sherlock is back, and I look forward to The Sign of The Three tonight!

What did you think after watching the season three premiere? Leave a comment!

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