Cosplay at Tucson Comic-Con



Hi Readers,

While there are a few more posts to come about Tucson Comic-Con, and the overall experience (which was even better than last year, in more ways than one), feast your eyes on some of the fabulous cosplayers who spent their weekend all dressed up and ready to enjoy the con! Continue reading “Cosplay at Tucson Comic-Con” »

Watch out for Asps and Orcs! Jonathan Rhys-Davies will be at Phoenix Comicon!

john_rhys_davies_fbHi Readers,

Last night we shared that we would be covering all of the awesome updates for Phoenix Comicon, and this morning we have our first big update! Continue reading “Watch out for Asps and Orcs! Jonathan Rhys-Davies will be at Phoenix Comicon!” »

Phoenix Comicon Here We Come!

Phoenix_Comicon_logoHi Readers,

While most con attendees worldwide are figuring things out for San Diego Comic-Con, or if near SoCal, buying badges for WonderCon, those that are local to the Sonoran Desert have another event that to look forward to Phoenix Comicon, in June! Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon Here We Come!” »

What the Helix? Podcast 1

Hi readers for this post you get to be listeners!

Last night we watched the two episode premiere Helix and LOVED it!

Because it’s a show with tons of mysteries and clues that are easier to talk about, instead of blog about, we decided to begin our first ever podcast series “What the Helix”, to air the day after each episode. Continue reading “What the Helix? Podcast 1” »

The Toucan Has Tweeted, SDCC Badge Update

indexHi There Readers,

For those keeping up to date with all of the badge changes for SDCC (if not click the link for the details) there’s been both a response and somewhat of an update from Comic-Con International regarding why they made the changes, and what we can expect on the battlefield… er registration site. Continue reading “The Toucan Has Tweeted, SDCC Badge Update” »

New Year, New Policies and Prices for SDCC

Comic-Con-LogoHi Readers,

For any¬† who are SDCC attendees or hopefuls, in addition to some of the policy changes last year (like needing the previous year’s badge to pre-register), and after the delays we kept getting on pre-registration (remember when CCI told us we could relax at Thanksgiving, and then again near Christmas) the good informative folks at The Unofficial Comic-Con Blog tell us there’s been a bit of a game changer! Continue reading “New Year, New Policies and Prices for SDCC” »