What’s a Nerdgasm? Tom Lenk shares at Fan Fest

IMG_20151205_164043Hi Readers,

One of the best things, if not the best thing, about nerdy and pop culture conventions is that people of all fandoms can gather and even if we can’t agree on things like whether we’d rather travel in the TARDIS, Impala, Millenium Falcon or IMG_20151205_181035Enterprise we can all recognize each other’s inner geek. And we’ve all had at least one nerdgasm. Now a nerdgasm for me (Loki in Hall H) might not be one for you, but trust me when I say if we’ve been to a con or two we’ve all had one, and perhaps no one explains it best than Tom Lenk who not only helps define the term but stands as an example for nerds every where in his new documentary Nerdgasm, which he shared along with Q & A at Fan Fest.
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Growing Concerns About Phoenix Comicon, Fear NOT!

Phoenix_Comicon_logoHi Readers!

Phoenix Comicon is less than a week away, with huge actors like Ron Perlman and Katee Sackhoff, and outstanding authors like Diana Gabaldon and Max Brooks it’s clear that the convention is growing, both in size and clout.

And looking at the numbers they’ve gone from around 30,000 attendees to 77,818 attendees in just three years, with attendance expected to rise again. So, what are they doing to make sure that all those attendees aren’t feeling lost in the shuffle? LOTS! Continue reading “Growing Concerns About Phoenix Comicon, Fear NOT!” »