What’s Happening at Phoenix Comicon This Weekend

14681671_10154534307023567_8657440578569897444_nHey Readers

It may seem crazy, but Phoenix Comicon starts TOMORROW! In less that 24 hours geeks from all over will be descending on the Phoenix Convention Center to geek out for their respective fandoms. So while an exhaustive list of the awesomeness would be too long for a single post (and a tad redundant since you can see it all on Phoenix Comicon’s website), your trusty editor will give you the rundown on what she’ll be looking forward to at Phoenix Comicon.


14980554_10154325881943855_382259480300581265_nWhile most of my Thursday will spent checking out the exhibit hall and hunting down new sketches for my Carol Danvers Compilation Sketchbook, Thursday evening will be spent battling it out at P.U.G.S. – Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown. How to explain P.U.G.S.? It’s a debate competition where only the strong, knowledgeable, and somewhat absurd survive. Here’s a longer post, where I describe my first battle.


pcc17_osric_chau_instaThere’s a Doctor Who-se Your Own Adventure panel with a fan written live script reading of a Doctor Who mashup episode where the audience gets to choose how the story progresses.

Also, a certain Supernatural Favorite, Osric Chau will have a panel at 12:30 that day (squee!)


Then in the evening, if I progress to the finals I’ll be at P.U.G.S. again.



There’s much to enjoy on Saturday, a Legible Scrawl panel for To Prove A Villian, their comic-centric podcast. They’ll be doing a live script reading with some of their familiar voice actors.

At noon Diana Gabaldon will be having a spotlight panel. She’s always got great stories about the writing and filming of Outlander, so I’ll be sure to be there.

And at 3:00 actress Bonnie Wright will be having a spotlight panel of her own.

While Dick Van Dyke would have been great to plan and see, the changes with panel fees left many to find other panels to attend.


pcc17_karen_david_instaKaren David will be at a Once Upon A Time panel, and while I’ll mainly be attending because I loved her in Galavant I’m sure it will be a fun panel none the less.

Finally, while they don’t have panel times listed, I’ll be spending my free time at the con looking for Geekly Press favorite authors Beth Cato, Ryan Dalton and Wesley Chu!


What are your plans for Phoenix Comicon 2017? Let us know in the comments.

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