Give a Mouse a Cookie, Justified S5e9

BoydandAvaHi Readers,

As I continue to catch up on this season of Justified, I’ll keep this post rather brief, and that won’t be all to difficult, because for this episode in particular, not a whole lot stood out, despite how much the plot moved. And while the last post focused more on Boyd, despite he and Raylan getting the majority of storytelling and excitement, it’s Ava that I’m thinking about. Continue reading “Give a Mouse a Cookie, Justified S5e9” »

Spanish 101, Justified S5e8

justified-05mar14Hi Readers,
While still working to get caught up on Justified, I’d thought I’d throw down a few thoughts on episode 8 Whistle Past the Graveyard. In general not a ton happened, that was too unexpected, and oddly enough (while still an enjoyable episode) the least predictable parts of it, were also the least interesting. Continue reading “Spanish 101, Justified S5e8” »

Mexican Standoff, Justified S5e7

20140302-152603Hi Readers,
So, been a bit behind on my Justified posts, by goal is to be caught up by the time the next one airs… we’ll see. Here’s what I know though, after the episode “Raw Deal”, Raylan is currently the character I feel the least sympathy for, so let’s go in order of most to least sympathetic. Continue reading “Mexican Standoff, Justified S5e7” »

Distractions Justified S5e2

jpegHi Readers,

As we saw last week things in Detroit and Florida seemed pretty wrapped, up but those issues are creeping into Harlan County for our main characters, along with a few distractions that will complicate things over the season. Continue reading “Distractions Justified S5e2” »