The Best Man, Sherlock S3e2

sherlock-sign-of-threeHello Readers!
Last week we got a real treat. While BBC’s Sherlock has always been fabulous, combining the celebration of Sherlock’s genius with the cringe-induction of Sherlock’s (albeit oblivious) social skills, The Sign of the Three excelled in quite a cocktail of celebration, cringing and  mystery, mostly at John and Mary’s wedding! Continue reading “The Best Man, Sherlock S3e2” »

Comparing Capaldi’s Costume

peter-capaldi-doctor-who-outfit-456760Hi Readers,

Earlier this week the internet was treated to just what kind of Doctor Capaldi might be based on his costume. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and more than that have already been said about this costume, we’re looking at how it stacks up to previous outfits. Continue reading “Comparing Capaldi’s Costume” »