Comic-Con-undrum CCI Badge Update

sdcc2013_essayw1_2040_verge_super_wideHi Readers,

The original title of this post was Badgel Royale! But I thought that it might be lost on some that would only get Hunger Games references. With Toucan Blog Updates Regarding Badges, which have been well sorted out by the team at the SDCC Unofficial Blog,  we’ve got two very important pieces of information, the first is that pre-reg will NOT be happening as early as the Widely assumed Feb 1st weekend, and the second revolves around just how easy or difficult it will be to get those badges, depending not so much on effort, as perspective. Continue reading “Comic-Con-undrum CCI Badge Update” »

So How Close is SDCC Pre-Reg?

ProReg Mag2Hi Readers,

It looks like we’re one step closer to Pre-Reg for SDCC, with the registration for professionals taking place on January 29th! So what does this mean for Pre-Reg? In the opinion of this blogger, it depends. Continue reading “So How Close is SDCC Pre-Reg?” »

New Year, New Policies and Prices for SDCC

Comic-Con-LogoHi Readers,

For any  who are SDCC attendees or hopefuls, in addition to some of the policy changes last year (like needing the previous year’s badge to pre-register), and after the delays we kept getting on pre-registration (remember when CCI told us we could relax at Thanksgiving, and then again near Christmas) the good informative folks at The Unofficial Comic-Con Blog tell us there’s been a bit of a game changer! Continue reading “New Year, New Policies and Prices for SDCC” »