Final thoughts on the Breaking Bad Finale, Felina

So it was with some deep breaths, and a few tears that I was able to get down my recap for the finale of Breaking Bad, somehow putting certain scenes down in words brought emotions that hadn’t surfaced as I watched the first or second time. A fellow blogger and podcaster recommended that I put down my commentary as well, so here it is, along with an analysis of the title, which the recap got too long for.

So starting with the title, there’d been four main theories about the meaning listed in the International Business Times. Though one wasn’t so much a theory as a reflection on Vince GIlligan’s “clue” about “woodworking” (which I’ll address below). Of the three name related theories one was spot on, one was a bit of a leap, and the other was a bit of both. Continue reading “Final thoughts on the Breaking Bad Finale, Felina” »