Growing Concerns About Phoenix Comicon, Fear NOT!

Phoenix_Comicon_logoHi Readers!

Phoenix Comicon is less than a week away, with huge actors like Ron Perlman and Katee Sackhoff, and outstanding authors like Diana Gabaldon and Max Brooks it’s clear that the convention is growing, both in size and clout.

And looking at the numbers they’ve gone from around 30,000 attendees to 77,818 attendees in just three years, with attendance expected to rise again. So, what are they doing to make sure that all those attendees aren’t feeling lost in the shuffle? LOTS! Continue reading “Growing Concerns About Phoenix Comicon, Fear NOT!” »

Where’s WonderCon?

wca_logo_1Hi Readers,
With all the craziness last week, regarding Pre-Reg for San Diego Comic-Con (and if you missed it The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog watched it live, and did a recap) it might br easy to think there’s no badge watching to do for a bit. However, there’s still a burning question for some: Where’s WonderCon? Yes, it’s in Anaheim, but in April, and we have no badge news yet. At this point WonderCon is the Jan Brady of Comic-Con, and here’s why. Continue reading “Where’s WonderCon?” »

Tucson Comic-Con, Day 2

So this post is a little later, it was supposed to be up no later than Monday, but here it is all the same.

IMG_00006035Day Two a Tucson Comic-Con was a bit slower than Day One, however it still seemed much more lively than Day Two of last year.  There were still plenty of cosplayers, and the Daleks were still trying to take over. Continue reading “Tucson Comic-Con, Day 2” »