Love SuperWhoLocK? Behold!

tumblr_static_superwholockHi Readers,

While a slew of Phoenix Comicon posts are still due, I thought I’d take a moment and share what was one of the most entertaining moments of the con! When a geekily gifted writer cobbled together a script of the awesomeness that would occur if Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock all shared a screen, several equally geeky SuperWhoLock enthusiasts read it in character, with the epic results below. Continue reading “Love SuperWhoLocK? Behold!” »

Two Time Lords at Fan Fest

FanFestDoctorsHi Readers,

We now have another announcement about appearances at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest, and it’s twice as exciting as the last! What’s better than having one Time Lord at Fan Fest? Two Time Lords at Fan Fest!. This December both Colin Baker and Paul McgGann (the 6th and 8th Doctors respectively) will be at Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

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Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)

indexEver since I started my epic journey by watching all doctors from the sixties on, I’ve come to see Tennant as a bit more overrated (start your hate mail now. That’s why there’s comments) and I’ve embraced and really come to love the older grouchier doctor.

William Hartnell described the doctor as a bit like the wizard of oz or santa clause. I have to really say I enjoy the doctor in this light. The darker terser version where the clever “grey fox” (as companion Ian Chesterton, still the best companion, would call him) would wile his way out of danger.

These era of Dr. Who episodes made the daleks what they were. You see, the doctor never beat the Daleks…they just ran whenever the Daleks showed up. So imagine my joy when I learned that our beloved Steven Moffat was bringing the glory days back (not that a young doctor is bad, its just been the thing since Peter Davison and honestly I wanted an old grouchy doctor for a while). Except Moffat didn’t deliver, at least not nearly as well as I had hoped. Continue reading “Dr. Who? (Add Emphasis on Last Word)” »

Comparing Capaldi’s Costume

peter-capaldi-doctor-who-outfit-456760Hi Readers,

Earlier this week the internet was treated to just what kind of Doctor Capaldi might be based on his costume. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and more than that have already been said about this costume, we’re looking at how it stacks up to previous outfits. Continue reading “Comparing Capaldi’s Costume” »

Cos-Project Update 1, The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

imagesHi Readers,

For those already aware, at the beginning of the month, I began a simple, yet ambitious cos-project. knitting the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. In the past 28 days I’ve managed to finish 192 rows or 2 feet. This may seem impressive, considering the scarf is 60 stitches or 13 inches across. Unfortunately since I set a deadline for finishing this scarf by April 1st, well it means that I’m going to have to step things up quite a bit to get the next 852 to rows completed to reach the 1044 total. I’ve learned some things along the way already, which should make the next 8 weeks a bit easier in completing the project. Continue reading “Cos-Project Update 1, The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf” »

Cos-Project Number One: The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

1558580_385241191610746_458640388_nHi there readers,

So yesterday we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to see if they could guess the Geekly Press’ first cosplay project, (or Cos-Project). Though it’s technically the second that this blogger has done (to see the first click here for past cosplaying).

Anyway, people were quick to guess that it was indeed the Fourth Doctor’s Scarf from Doctor Who.

We’ll be chronicling it’s progress, but here’s the research we did, so that we *hopefully* get it right! Continue reading “Cos-Project Number One: The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf” »

Farewell Ragedy Man “The Time of The Doctor” Afterthoughts

Doctor_Who_2013_Christmas_Special_The_Time_of_The_Doctor_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_3794Last night we said farewell to Matt Smith and my initial reaction was that I was underwhelmed, and then after some thinking, it was my own fault, but then that prompted another line of thinking, that in some respects it shouldn’t be, and perhaps  my disappointment should have some validity.

Let me ‘splain, no that take too long, let me sum up!

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