True Detective has me hooked

indexSo Readers,

I fully recognize that I’m about 9 months behind the times, but I hadn’t started watching True Detective yet. Something that some fellow campers in the #HallH line at #SDCC this year (who were from the UK, and total strangers) were shocked at. And they made certain to inform me that my TV viewing, nay my LIFE was incomplete having not viewed this television treasure. With the Emmys happening this weekend, I realized my window of opportunity to see the show before the awards ceremony was closing faster than a body bag, and that I needed to start. I may not do one review per ep, since I’ll be binging. But I watched the premier last night, and I can say so far it was worth the hype! Continue reading “True Detective has me hooked” »

Hit the Ground Running Justified S5e1

Hi Readers,

tim-season-5So this past episode of Justified was, even with interviews of Walton Goggins saying we’d see a return of the angry violent Boyd from the pilot, pretty darn intense. While some seasons of Justified can take their time to build, it’s like the writers decided, not to start with a snowball rolling down a hill,  but to opt for an avalanche that’ll hit Harlan County before anyone really knows what’s what. Continue reading “Hit the Ground Running Justified S5e1” »