Full of Follies, Justified S5e4

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In no way do I want the post title to reflect my thoughts on the quality of the show, one of the things I love about Justified is that it keeps getting better season over season. The title reflects that everyone, from Dewey to Raylan seems to keep getting in their own way. Continue reading “Full of Follies, Justified S5e4” »

What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats

What the Helix P 3Hi Listeners,
Here’s the third What the Helix, where we discuss the episode Single Strand. In this podcast we address: Why we still sort of trust Peter, why we don’t like Balleseros, what the virus may do, and why you don’t want to mess with Hatake! Continue reading “What the Helix Podcast 3 Awww Rats” »

“I’m not angry” just disappointed TWD S4e4

The_Walking_Dead_S04E04_720p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_0083So despite last night’s The Walking Dead being titled “Indifference”, I’m definitely not indifferent to what took place.  For most of the episode there was a lot to be indifferent to, like Tyreese working through his rage, or even Daryl’s anger at Bob for picking up the alcohol (wait I’m not indifferent to that, his bag had tons of room, why didn’t he take the alcohol AND get some more meds, I don’t think alcoholism is ok… it just felt like a bit of a plot device).  Where was I… Continue reading ““I’m not angry” just disappointed TWD S4e4” »

Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. Ignorance is Bliss

Hi Readers,

So this is a week later than I wanted to post, and I’m still behind on this weeks episode, but I’ll hopefully have that and Blacklist up by the end of the week.

Anyway, I thought that since for the next month IMDB has the full episode here via hulu

That I’d skip the recap entirely.

And once again I’ll start by saying that I thought the episode was great for a few reasons.

spyFirst of all, I thought it was awesome that this was the first episode where it seemed like they were finally laying the foundation for a main villain, and that the only overarching storyline wouldn’t just be Coulson’s memory of Tahiti being “a magical place”, though were’ definitely getting close to that considering Akela (and this is just my theory), acknowledged to May that it made sense if Coulson was different after a near death experience, but after that acknowledgement she said “Yeah, but what did they DO to him”, as if she’d been able to see something with her x-ray vision, that others couldn’t… Continue reading “Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. Ignorance is Bliss” »

The Blacklist S1e4, What you don’t know

So you know the old phrase “What you don’t know can’t hurt you“? Well the whole thing was all far too long to type into a blog post title, but that’s essentially where this most recent episode of The Blacklist left me, and I’m loving the show more and more with each episode.

The Blacklist, Season 1 episode 4: The Stewmaker

The episode started with a man checking into a hotel, and then with a level of thoroughness  that would make Dexter Morgan feel like he may have a thing or two to learn, removes trace evidence of himself, and hangs plastic sheets, creating a room, where presumably one would not want evidence left after a murder. Continue reading “The Blacklist S1e4, What you don’t know” »